Verity by Colleen Hoover

Verity by Colleen Hoover

Author:Colleen Hoover [Hoover, Colleen]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi, azw3, pdf
Amazon: B07HJYTRMD
Goodreads: 41957126
Publisher: Hoover Ink, Inc.
Published: 2018-12-07T00:00:00+00:00

The smell is different when I open my eyes. So are the noises.

I’m not confused about where I am. I know I’m in Jeremy’s house. I just…I’m not in my room.

I’m staring at a wall. The wall in the master bedroom is light grey. This wall is yellow. Yellow, like the walls in the upstairs bedrooms.

The bed beneath me begins to move, but it isn’t because someone in the bed is moving. It’s different…like it’s…mechanical.

I squeeze my eyes shut. Please, God. No. No, no, no, please don’t tell me I am in Verity’s bed.

I’m trembling all over now. I open my eyes, slowly, and turn my head at the slowest pace possible. When I see the door and then the dresser and then the TV mounted to the wall, I roll out of the bed, falling to the floor. I scramble to the wall and slide up it with my back against it. I squeeze my eyes shut. I can hardly hold myself up I am so hysterical.

My body is shaking so badly, I can hear it when I breathe. Whimpers at first, but as soon as I open my eyes and see Verity on her bed, I scream.

Then I slap my hand over my mouth.

It’s dark outside. Everyone is asleep. I have to be quiet.

It’s been so long since this has happened. Years, probably. But it’s happening and I am terrified and I have no idea why I ended up here. Was it because I was thinking about her?

“Sleepwalking is patternless, Lowen. It has no meaning. It is unrelated to intention.”

I hear my therapist’s words, but I don’t want to process them. I need to get out of here. Move, Lowen.

I slide across the wall, keeping as far from that bed as I can while I make my way to Verity’s bedroom door. I’m flat against the door, tears streaming down my cheeks as I turn the handle and open it, then flee the bedroom.

Jeremy flings his arms around me, pulling me to a stop.

“Hey,” he says, turning me to face him. He sees the tears on my face, the terror in my eyes. He loosens his grip, and as soon as he does, I run. I run down the hall, down the stairs, and I don’t stop until I slam the bedroom door and I’m back on my bed.

What the fuck? What the fuck?

I curl up on top of the covers, facing the door. My wrist begins to throb, so I grip it with my other hand and tuck it against my chest.

The bedroom door opens and then closes behind Jeremy. He’s shirtless, in a pair of red flannel pajama bottoms. It’s all I see, a blur of red plaid as he rushes toward me. Then he’s on his knees, his hand on my arm, his eyes searching mine.

“Lowen, what happened?”

“I’m sorry,” I whisper, wiping at my eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

I shake my head and sit up on the bed. I have to explain it to him. He


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