Shot Through the Heart (Crimson Romance) by Lindun D'Ann

Shot Through the Heart (Crimson Romance) by Lindun D'Ann

Author:Lindun, D'Ann [Lindun, D'Ann]
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Tags: Romance, romantic suspense
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Published: 2012-08-20T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter Eleven

“The coffee pot’s still on!” At the bottom step, Laramie whirled around without thinking. Myrtle stumbled back, tripped over the step and fell on her bottom. The shotgun went off, exploding toward the sky. The gun flew out from her hands and landed on the deck.

While Laramie stood frozen, Derrick reacted like a lightning bolt. Lunging off the step, he dragged Laramie with him. “Get in the car,” he instructed. “Now!”

She didn’t have to be told twice. Racing to the SUV, she jumped in the driver’s seat, and slid across the vinyl like a baseball player crossing home plate. Turbo landed in her lap. Derrick jumped in right after them. “I hope Myrtle left her keys.” He cranked the key and the car sputtered. On the second try, the SUV roared to life.

Spinning the car around, Derrick floored the accelerator and tore out of the driveway. In the rearview mirror, Laramie saw Myrtle jumping and waving the gun their direction. Her face was red, and the words coming out of her mouth weren’t nice.

“I can’t believe we stole that old lady’s car,” Laramie gasped.

“I can’t believe that old woman held us at gunpoint.” Derrick shot a look in the rear view mirror. “Craziness seems to be catching.”

Laramie giggled, nerves getting the better of her now that they were safe. “I feel like Alice in Wonderland, trapped in a nightmare.”

Derrick snorted. “I feel like the guy who’s been through a fire and chased by not one, but two nutcases.”

Sobering instantly, Laramie nodded. “What are we going to do?”

“For starters, send someone back for Myrtle as soon as we get to Cliffside.” He slowed a bit. “After we go to the police.”

“Derrick, no.” Laramie grabbed his sleeve. “We can’t. Lawrence is the police. He might even be in his office. You heard what Myrtle said. He’s telling people we killed Julie. What if everyone believes him? We’ll be locked up, not my brother.”

“We stay on the run until Lawrence trips himself up,” Derrick said. “So, instead of going to the Cliffside police, we’ll go to the Santa Anita force.”

She hadn’t thought of that. “Maybe they’ll believe us.”

Derrick didn’t tell her he thought their plan was a waste of time. When he had turned to the Santa Anita PD for help in finding his missing wife, they had told him they didn’t have time to spend on every adult who wanted to take a vacation. Derrick tried telling them his wife must be in danger because he believed them to be madly in love. He still couldn’t believe she played him for a fool. Realizing what she had done stung his pride to this day.

If it hadn’t been for Lawrence Porter taking him seriously and tracking down Cheryl, he might still think his wife had been taken from him, and not deserted him. If he hadn’t seen Lawrence’s madness firsthand, he would still have trouble believing Laramie’s story, too. What was wrong with people? Derrick had been raised to be a straight shooter.


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