Edge of Darkness by Karen Rose

Edge of Darkness by Karen Rose

Author:Karen Rose
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Headline
Published: 2017-09-21T07:26:01+00:00


Cincinnati, Ohio,

Sunday 20 December, 3.49 P.M.

His cell rang, startling him. It was Mike. Hopefully with good news. Taking a look around to make sure no one was paying him attention, he hit ACCEPT. ‘Well?’

A beat of hesitation. ‘I missed.’

He closed his eyes, fury pounding through him. ‘You’re a fucking sharpshooter. How did you fucking miss?’

‘They must have seen something. Seen me. Took evasive action.’

‘Was anyone hit?’

‘Just the driver. The Fed. Troy, I think is his name.’

Well, at least one of the asswipes was out of commission. ‘What about passengers?’

‘Unhurt. I continued to fire, aiming for the top of the van, so none of the passengers were hit.’

‘Why the hell did you do that?’

‘Because you said you wanted the boy alive, dumbass. I’ll follow them, try again.’

He seethed, wanting to put Mike in his place. ‘I have another job for you first.’

‘Do tell.’

He rolled his eyes. ‘I’ll message you. Don’t hesitate when you get my signal.’

‘Doesn’t sound positive. I’m not gonna like it, am I?’

‘Probably not.’

Mike huffed a sigh. ‘Fuck. This just keeps getting worse.’

‘Taking out Kimble and Troy would have been a big step forward,’ he said sarcastically. ‘You could have grabbed Shane, who is still our ticket to Linnea. Maybe you should hit the target range while you’re waiting for the next job.’

‘Fuck you,’ Mike said angrily. ‘I taught you everything you know. If I couldn’t hit Kimble in the van, then you never could.’

Not true, but he wasn’t going to argue. ‘Fine. Just wait for my message.’

He ended the call. He had places to be.

Cincinnati, Ohio,

Sunday 20 December, 4.25 P.M.

They were a ragtag bunch, Meredith thought as they exited the elevator onto Isenberg’s floor. They began shedding the vests as soon as the elevator closed behind them.

A middle-aged couple rushed forward, then stumbled to a stop when they saw Kyle. ‘What’s happened?’ Mr Davis asked loudly. He twisted to glare at Isenberg. ‘You said he was okay! He’s like a walking zombie!’

‘He is physically unharmed,’ Meredith said quietly. Damn, her head hurt. Especially now that the adrenaline was wearing off. She’d hit her head harder than she thought when she’d fallen in the van. Unbuttoning her coat, she approached the Davises, who were well and truly terrified. And tired. Join the club. ‘Kyle is grieving and he’s just had another shock. He’s withdrawn into himself, which can happen in these situations. He’ll need rest and quiet and most probably some grief counseling. When you take him home, can you make sure he has the support of a therapist or a grief therapy group?’

Mrs Davis put her arms around her son. ‘Of course.’

Mr Davis’s shoulders sagged. ‘Who are you, exactly, miss?’

‘This is Dr Fallon,’ Shane supplied. ‘She was at the restaurant yesterday when Andy—’ He broke off. ‘She’s nice, Mr Davis. She made things easier for us. Kyle and me.’

Mr Davis put his arm around Shane’s shoulders, pulling him in for a hug, but he looked directly at Meredith. ‘Thank you. I’m sorry. This has just been . .


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