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epub |eng | 2011-09-15 | Author:Edmund Cooper [COOPER, EDMUND]

The sky was shot through with hard, bright stars; but they were no match for the electric constellations of suburbia, spreading out a thousand feet below the bumble-bee in all ...
( Category: Space Opera June 9,2023 )
epub |eng | 2020-12-31 | Author:Edmund Cooper [COOPER, EDMUND]

Chapter Eight THE SECOND POWER MANŒUVRE THE voyage began to develop its own routine. Time passed slowly for the crew, whose work consisted chiefly of supervising the combination of electronic ...
( Category: Space Opera June 9,2023 )
epub |eng | 2011-09-15 | Author:Edmund Cooper [COOPER, EDMUND]

CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE Urlanrey, king of Noi Lantis, sat formally on the dragon throne in the great Sun Chamber of the palace. Behind him stood seven officers of the Pryterguard. On ...
( Category: Space Opera June 9,2023 )
azw3 |eng | 2020-08-14 | Author:Katt Ford

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( Category: Literature & Fiction June 9,2023 )
epub |eng | 2021-06-10 | Author:Brandt Legg [Legg, Brandt]

Tess didn’t have time to travel to Bunker W at Langley. She and Gatewood held the first ever CHAD meeting outside the secret CIA underground via video. She sat in ...
( Category: Men's Adventure June 9,2023 )
azw3 |eng | 2020-07-31 | Author:Katt Ford

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( Category: Literature & Fiction June 9,2023 )
epub |eng | 2023-04-30 | Author:Kyla Stone [Stone, Kyla]

39 ELI POPE DAY NINETY-ONE By the time Eli reached the warehouse, it was two a.m. Ragged ribbons of clouds drifted across the moon like burial shrouds. There was no ...
( Category: Literature & Fiction June 9,2023 )
azw3 |eng | 2020-08-23 | Author:Katt Ford

"Get down on your knees," Rebecca said. Outside the cage, Tiffany howled in laughter. But Rebecca was no longer smiling. Even as her warm brown eyes glowed, her pretty face ...
( Category: Bisexual June 9,2023 )
epub |eng | 2023-04-29 | Author:Jason Chapman [Chapman, Jason]

‘Come on, pick up.’ Fagan whispered, looking around. ‘Fagan, you old devil.’ Evans greeted. ‘I hope you and Tyler haven’t been sitting around watching bloody Star Wars all day long.’ ...
( Category: Conspiracies June 9,2023 )
epub |eng | 2023-03-27 | Author:Jo Baker [Baker, Jo]

Breath When she telephoned, Charlotte was told by the receptionist that while she could in principle make an appointment with Dr Travers, there was in fact nothing available for a ...
( Category: Friendship June 9,2023 )
azw3 |eng | 2020-08-21 | Author:Katt Ford

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( Category: Literature & Fiction June 9,2023 )
epub |eng | 2023-02-14 | Author:Rebecca Hardy [Hardy, Rebecca]

I slid from the chair to the floor and sat there for a long time, the letters spread around me like fallen flowers, or broken promises. The one in my ...
( Category: Gothic June 9,2023 )
azw3 |eng | 2020-07-23 | Author:Katt Ford

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( Category: BDSM June 9,2023 )
epub |eng | 2022-12-22 | Author:Anspach, Jason & Cole, Nick

Keel entered the data center to find KRS-88 stripped down to its individual parts. Or at least what was left of those parts. Nearby, a red and puffy-eyed Garret was ...
( Category: Adventure June 9,2023 )
epub |eng | 2023-04-15 | Author:Edward Marston [Marston, Edward]

CHAPTER FIFTEEN Miriam Brightwell was delighted with her visit to the small exhibition. As she travelled home in the cab, she thought of the immense pleasure she had experienced from ...
( Category: Historical June 9,2023 )

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