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epub |eng | 2024-02-28 | Author:Anne Hale & Celeste King [Hale, Anne & King, Celeste]

17 RACHEL My head aches, and my eyelids feel like they’re made of sandpaper. Since the mauling, there’s been a distance between me and the other girls that wasn’t there ...
( Category: Science Fiction April 21,2024 )
epub |eng | 2016-11-01 | Author:Bond, Ruskin [Bond, Ruskin]

Some Early Australian Ghosts Anonymous I n the spring of 1850, I was employed in driving a large herd of cattle from New England down into the Melbourne country. The ...
( Category: Women Writers April 21,2024 )
epub |eng | 2020-03-08 | Author:Peter Tonkin [Tonkin, Peter]

ii The unmistakable sound of a soldier sliding off a saddle to land on hobnailed caligae covered the rustle of leaves as Artemidorus stepped out of hiding, sighted and fired. ...
( Category: Rome April 21,2024 )
epub |eng | 2024-03-15 | Author:K.A Knight [Knight, K.A]

We put a plan in place. Management is behind it because they want damage control. They originally wanted to cut ties, but we wouldn’t let them. We warned them that ...
( Category: Rockstar Romance April 21,2024 )
epub |eng | 2024-03-11 | Author:Jane, Mana

I hit send and hide the games I’ve retrieved behind my back before heading into the living room. “What do you have in mind?” Eric asks with a wicked gleam ...
( Category: New Adult & College Romance April 21,2024 )
epub |eng | 2021-10-10 | Author:M. Mitt [Mitt, M.]

~ The comfort of dwelling in one’s dreams shall never last long. Thornton was driven from his musings when his overseer entered. “Sir, the new shipment has arrived and is ...
( Category: other April 21,2024 )
epub |eng | 2024-01-08 | Author:Joanna Goodman [Goodman, Joanna]

19 Virginia stares glumly out the window at the sprawling, gray-brick Anglican church next to the old folks’ home, both of which are set back from the road on a ...
( Category: Family Life April 21,2024 )
epub |eng | 2024-01-22 | Author:Rou Bao Bu Chi Rou [Rou, Rou Bao Bu Chi]

Chapter 84: Lu Zhanxing of Eight Years Ago AS GU MANG ASKED this question, an indescribable apathy came over his face. His mischievous smile had disappeared, but the sharp viciousness ...
( Category: Asian April 21,2024 )
epub |eng | | Author:KL Donn [Donn, KL]

Chapter Three ASHLEY I guess I should have let him know I was working tonight. That I wouldn’t be finding out his name, and that I’ll ask Zach why he’s ...
( Category: Alpha Male April 21,2024 )
epub |eng | 2024-03-15 | Author:Eva Simmons [Simmons, Eva]

21 Odette “What is that supposed to mean?” And why am I so desperate to find out? When I went to bed tonight, I couldn’t fall asleep. All I could ...
( Category: Mafia Romance April 21,2024 )
epub |eng | 2015-04-05 | Author:Jessica Gadziala [Gadziala, Jessica]

You just proved everyone right about you. Whore. I can't wait to watch him toss you aside like the disposable trash you are. How does it feel to know you ...
( Category: Billionaires April 21,2024 )
epub |eng | 2024-03-12 | Author:Susie McIver [McIver, Susie]

18 Steel Ghost came to a halt, turning toward the group, his hands on his hips and an unmistakable anger in his gaze. “We’ve been here for four weeks, and ...
( Category: Action & Adventure April 21,2024 )
epub |eng | 2024-03-15 | Author:Sassa Daniels [Daniels, Sassa]

CHAPTER 15 Leo After I quit college to join the family organization full time, the first role my father gave me was as an enforcer. He saw me struggle with ...
( Category: Mafia Romance April 21,2024 )
epub |eng | 2024-03-11 | Author:Ivy Black & Raven Scott [Black, Ivy & Scott, Raven]

Chapter Sixteen Isabella “Sam will be back.” Anita sets the bowl down on the nightstand next to me and perches on the edge of the bed. “Even sisters fight.” I ...
( Category: Mafia Romance April 21,2024 )
epub |eng | | Author:Cathryn Fox [Fox, Cathryn]

16 Alysha I wake up early, the beeping sound of a plow backing up pulling me from my slumber. I check the other side of the bed to find it ...
( Category: Sports April 21,2024 )

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