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epub |eng | 2023-07-04 | Author:Vian Smith [Smith, Vian]

Chapter Eight “What’s he doing now?” Gail asked. It was evening. The curtains were drawn, shutting out the cold moor and the frosted stars. The bedside lamp gave a warm ...
( Category: other October 1,2023 )
epub |eng | 2021-10-05 | Author:Michael Wisehart [Wisehart, Michael]

Chapter 46 | Ayrion WHAT HAD LOOKED LIKE nothing more than walls of rock and stone at first glance was an entire community, where the dwellings had been built right ...
( Category: Coming of Age October 1,2023 )
azw3 |eng | 2020-04-14 | Author:Joy Ellis

CHAPTER NINETEEN The murder room was packed with officers but unnaturally quiet. Marie watched Jackman, in order to avoid looking at the new officer — DS Vic Blackwell — but ...
( Category: Heist October 1,2023 )
epub |eng | 2021-08-12 | Author:Tabitha Bree [Bree, Tabitha]

14 “Are you serious? We’re in the nightlife capital of the world and you take me here?” We walked into a dive bar, the smell of cigarette smoke, old beer, ...
( Category: Romantic Comedy October 1,2023 )
epub |eng | 2023-05-10 | Author:Kate Sawyer [Sawyer, Kate]

Emma walks toward the table and trails her hand across the tablecloth. It’s a bit of an odd set-up, the mismatch of chairs, the higgledy-piggledy cutlery and glassware. But it ...
( Category: other October 1,2023 )
epub |eng | 2021-08-29 | Author:Ray Morgan [Morgan, Ray]

11 More, More Day Two A.Q. Captain John got up early and went to the narrow green meadow that was the old rail line to check his men and horses. ...
( Category: Post-Apocalyptic October 1,2023 )
epub |eng | 2019-10-24 | Author:Serban Valentin Constantin Enache [Enache, Serban Valentin Constantin]

Also, please take a look at my other books: My dark-humored short story Talking Crows and my medieval fantasy series Of Hate And Laughter, book 1 An Empire of Traitors, ...
( Category: other October 1,2023 )
epub |eng | 2020-12-12 | Author:Mara Webb [Webb, Mara]

11 “I’m a mess, Autumn, I’m so sorry,” I muttered. “You’ve had a rough re-introduction to your hometown, you can be forgiven for not knowing which way is up,” she ...
( Category: Magical Realism October 1,2023 )
epub |eng | 2021-02-17 | Author:Claire Kingsley [Kingsley, Claire]

20 Cox I stared at the ceiling, annoyed. It was fucking late. I just wanted to sleep. I’d stayed up for a while after Sophie turned in. Nursed a glass ...
( Category: Billionaires October 1,2023 )
epub |eng | 2021-05-25 | Author:James Tarr [Tarr, James]

SPRING Chapter XIII Harold Maguire stood near the windows in one of the corners of the large function hall, off and away to himself after a few hours of nonstop ...
( Category: Dystopian October 1,2023 )
azw3 |eng | 2017-03-15 | Author:Joy Ellis

CHAPTER TWENTY Even Rory Wilkinson was silent when he saw what awaited him in the underground room. He turned to Jackman and simply said, ‘If I were you, I would ...
( Category: Police Procedurals October 1,2023 )
epub |eng | 2021-07-19 | Author:J Pal [Pal, J]

Chapter Twenty-Two Weapons Testing We were eating breakfast as a group the following day when Liam’s voice echoed through the base. He had rigged an intercom system without telling all ...
( Category: Asian October 1,2023 )
epub |eng | 2021-03-03 | Author:Valen, Ana

*** Liam pulled up to Hemet’s home and slowed. “Goddamn,” he whispered. “Talk about timing.” Hemet walked along the sidewalk, obviously heading for church. Less clear was why she stomped ...
( Category: Murder October 1,2023 )
epub |eng | 2021-01-05 | Author:Caleb Fast [Fast, Caleb]

DESPERATE PLEA! Thank you for exploring the future alongside me! I’d love to hear what you think about my book! Please drop an honest review of what you thought about ...
( Category: other October 1,2023 )
epub |eng | 2021-06-01 | Author:Casey Fox [Fox, Casey]

Fifteen Hannah When I wake, Izzik is still wrapped around me, his heat suffusing me. Morning light is pouring across the valley and the snow glints like diamonds, nearly blinding ...
( Category: First Contact October 1,2023 )

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