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WHAT MAKES MEANS RIGHT Pandas enjoy eating bamboo more than I’ll ever enjoy anything I have ever eaten or will ever eat. I know this despite not having any direct ...
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CHAPTER 18 The bilingual brain boost I was brought up in a bilingual household, speaking French and English, and I have always been keen to do the same for my ...
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Diminishing Returns and Societal Collapse Why do complex societies, like the Roman Empire, collapse? One theory, advanced by Joseph A. Tainter in The Collapse of Complex Societies, is that it ...
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TRY THIS If we believe in a listening God—and I do—we believe, too, that God has ears for a grateful heart. Making out our gratitude list, we enumerate our blessings ...
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One of the easiest ways to change the way you experience something is through modifying its submodalities. This is just a fancy term for describing the characteristics that form your ...
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FOUNDATIONAL VALUE 4: GROWTH Imagine winning the lottery, getting into the best shape of your life, finding your soul mate, establishing the most meaningful relationships possible, paying off your debts, ...
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ALDERFER: Very interesting. Before leaving this part of our discussion will you explain to us the fact that not only do we need this self-discipline to control our emotions, but ...
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4. MEET PEOPLE WHERE THEY ARE. Empathy—we’re told that we need it, but many of us are not quite sure what it is. I am talking about empathy in this ...
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CONDUCT AN ENERGY AUDIT Here is a simple audit to recap where we’ve been in this chapter thus far and help you assess your current reality. As you think about ...
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As Emily entered the condo, she found Boone at the computer. He swiveled around in the desk chair. “How’d it go?” he asked. “Apparently I’m very good at memorizing. Good ...
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and may be best performed on a bed or other soft surface. That way, no one will get hurt if the man needs to come out of the position. To ...
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WHAT ARE YOUR LONG-TERM GOALS? Trust me on this: a man who really has a vision for where he wants to see himself in ten years has looked into his ...
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16 Jivey League Material Less than a week after fleeing Santa Barbara, I arrived in Norman, Oklahoma. Without the sedative benefits stemming from a full-frontal lobotomy, the sudden change in ...
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