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How do you get Clients to Realize these Principles? Principle-based psychology is designed to optimize the likelihood of client insight and realization. There are two variables that consistently correlate with ...
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Twenty years ago, the journal Biological Psychiatry reported on a study in which people who received selenium supplements found that the participants experienced elevated moods. “They also reported a decrease ...
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Stress is toxic for your body and spirit, so by approaching your troubles with fun and a little uncivilized creativity, you are giving your messy humanity the sweet medicine of ...
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I go to the hospital at night, and when Noah’s parents exit his room, I quietly sneak inside to see him one last time before leaving. My eyes fill up ...
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epub |eng | 2023-10-03 | Author:Jeremy Nobel, MD; [Nobel, Jeremy]

THE TROUBLE WITH BEING DIFFERENT My earliest memory of experiencing societal loneliness was when I was seven, after we’d moved from a New Jersey shore town to Pittsburgh. Time spent ...
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Intervention Qualities of CREW The following section considers the CREW intervention in regard to the 10 qualities from Kompier et al. (2000). The review considers CREW as it is implemented ...
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The Forgiveness Project The Story of Katy Hutchison & Ryan Aldridge (Canada) Whether victim or perpetrator, part of being human is rolling up our sleeves and taking an active part ...
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Using Synchronicity as a Second Opinion on Your Own Intuition You probably expect someone like me to tell you “Trust your intuition!” And it’s true: what often derails our own ...
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epub |eng | 2022-11-27 | Author:Laura Henshaw

Menstruation Once your period arrives, you may be feeling pretty bleurgh and unmotivated, thanks to low levels of estrogen. BUT, if you do feel up to it, moving your body ...
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Well, it turns out that cannabis also increases dopamine transmission in the brain, but because of the other chemicals it increases, namely serotonin and some components of the cannabinoid and ...
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