Whiskey Words & a Shovel I by r.h. Sin

Whiskey Words & a Shovel I by r.h. Sin

Author:r.h. Sin
Language: eng
Format: epub, azw3
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Published: 2017-04-18T18:13:31+00:00

pain to remember.

we’ve become a set

of memories

I’d like to forget


our relationship

a room filled with broken mirrors

I barely recognize myself anymore

deadly habit.

my most dangerous habit

is overthinking

pillars of salt.

you were salt

hiding in a bag

labeled sugar

all in the end.

this was never meant

to work

I was holding on

to nothing

I’ll dig deeper.

the parts seen and unseen

the portions of you that require me

to dig deeper

appreciating every inch

of your existence

there are several layers to a woman

and some men are simply stuck

on the surface

but I’d like to learn you

discover my rightful place

within your mind and heart

allow it and we’ll begin

see I’m no longer who I was before

my mind under construction

growing closer to completion

as I transition to a place

where I’ll have the opportunity

to explore you

and hold on to everything

that those before me

were willing to walk away from

I’d like to love every part of you

that those in your past were too blind

to acknowledge

the parts within you

that they failed to appreciate

allow me


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