Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately by Alicia Cook

Stuff I've Been Feeling Lately by Alicia Cook

Author:Alicia Cook
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Published: 2017-03-29T20:25:51+00:00

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Track Fifty Five

I spent a lot of my early twenties

making mistakes;

really bad ones.

The light of day was not my friend;

I was tired of how it illuminated my missteps.

I began plucking away at my blessings

like stars from the sky

just so my world could go black.

Enlightenment was something

I bumped into in the dark,

like a corner of a table or lamp.

Isolating yourself

does not make you unique,

it makes you a coward,

too afraid or ashamed

to show up for your own life.

I decided a long time ago

to stop exclusively chasing

my visions just when

my head was on a pillow.

I decided a long time ago

to be better off in the daylight.

To do better,

to be better,

to make other

things better.

My whole damn life

is my passion project.

You think I have big hair;

you should see my dreams.

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Jordin Sparks, “This Is My Now”

Track Fifty Six

What is the difference between Earth

and the World? I asked my fourth grade

teacher whose name escapes me.

She seemed to be using

the terms interchangeably.

Since, right now,

humans only live

here on Earth,

the two words mean

the same thing,

she answered.

As years went on, I found the two words to be

vastly different. Earth is the planet we inhabit,

yes, but the World is a unique plane of existence

to each person. As we plant roots and find love

and birth babies and become regulars at coffee

shops and restaurants, the World quickly

becomes Our World; mini colonies.

I’ve found that certain worlds can become as

narrow as hallways; and these passages I walk

through, the worlds I know, can

begin to feel constrictive.

The truth is, I’ve outgrown many worlds on

Planet Earth, only to begin again. Earth provides

the air we need to fill our lungs, but Our Worlds

give us every reason to breathe deep. We must

not take anything for granted on the exhale.


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