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It’s controversial to challenge the conventional wisdom that psychological problems like depression can be solved with medication. And I’m not saying that genetics and biology don’t predispose a person to ...
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Don't miss out! Click the button below and you can sign up to receive emails whenever J.R. James publishes a new book. There's no charge and no obligation. Connecting ...
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Lesson Four - Revel in adoration and devotion So, four days was all it took for Mrs. Key to get amorous as a result of my increased affection and decreased ...
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Change How You Think No one wants you to change who you are fundamentally, and the goal of changing how you think is not to make you into a sycophantic ...
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Try to refocus their attention on the present. Don’t force the situation to switch from distressing to happy. When your partner is ready to move past their emotions and recenter ...
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I was beginning to enjoy my quieter life. Every day, when I wasn’t working in the city or headed to jury duty, I had the same routine. I’d wake up ...
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Conclusion Trade is a part of food security. Even critics, such as Professor de Schutter, acknowledge this point, although they would like to see its role reduced to complement a ...
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FIGURE 7.3. The effects of implicit exchange-script priming on self-protection goal strength. FIGURE 7.4. The effects of implicit exchange-script priming on partner-dependence promotion. Flexibility Although eliciting the partner’s dependence does ...
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The Power of “Want” How many times have you given a hint to your man to try to get him to do something or remember something? For example, “Hey, do ...
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Chapter 21: Funerals The reconnaissance missions continued every other night. Långström led all of them but rotated the personnel under his command. It was difficult to fit everyone into a ...
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4 THE FIRST TWO SESSIONS 4 THE FIRST TWO SESSIONS We feel it’s important to get all our small groups started in the same way and with the same information, ...
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Chapter 12 Preventing Violent Extremism through Government and Community Partnerships1 Susan Szmania Communication scholarship has a strong tradition of practical, use-oriented engagement on a variety of applied topics, such as ...
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31. Gary Tanner, interview by the author, June 4, 2016. 32. William Rawlins, Friendship as a Communicative Achievement (Temple University, 1981). 33. Ibid. 34. T. K. Gamble and M. W. ...
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