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Intimacy is an honest emotional connection between two human beings. The intimacy between parent and child will, of course, be very different from that between adult friends or lovers. At ...
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epub |eng | 2020-05-13 | Author:Jamie Marich [Marich, PhD, Jamie]

Mindful, Bodyful Coping Strategies When I do trainings on trauma-sensitive addiction treatment, I use the phrase coping skills a hundred times because the phrase is so important. The reality of ...
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mobi |eng | 2018-06-01 | Author:Ross Rosenberg

(Clark and Stoffel, 1992, p. 823) Therefore, it can be expected that children of emotional manipulators, those who survived their childhood because of their “gifted” and “pleasing” qualities/characteristics, will likely ...
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Cindy fought for custody and was successful. By the time Buddy was seven months old, Fred was allowed to have Buddy every second weekend. He had to fight with Cindy ...
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epub, mobi |eng | 2011-12-31 | Author:LCSW Howard Brockman [Howard Brockman, LCSW]

These beliefs summarize the cross-cultural epistemological orientation of nearly all of our ancestors throughout the world, highlighting the underlying theme of the profound interrelationship of humankind with the earth and ...
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Loving the moment we are living right now is the kindest way to spend our life. It will teach us everything we need to know and will give us every ...
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Communicating Clearly All the emotional centeredness and appropriate boundaries in the world won’t matter unless you can convey this stance to your partner. Yet, as important as it is, we ...
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Introduction If you are one of the many women who find yourself in one toxic, destructive relationship after another and can’t understand why your relationships implode, the problem may be ...
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Addiction Counseling Addiction can block you from being able to heal your mind. It can also derail, shorten, or even suddenly end your life. Addiction shows up in 50 percent ...
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Communication That Works This chapter is about communicating with your troubling loved one. Communication is a huge part of any relationship—an invisible link between people that transmits each one’s thoughts ...
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