Men In Love by Nancy Friday

Men In Love by Nancy Friday

Author:Nancy Friday [Friday, Nancy]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2010-12-18T00:00:00+00:00

Men In Love


In the split second before I respond, I see who did it –sweet pretty Evelyn! What the fuck is this!

She gets me in a full nelson, drags me inside, closes her door; we’re in her hall. “Get up!” I do.

“Now,” she says, smiling, eyes shining, “now I get my chance to see if what’s in your pants is as good as what’s in your head!” I’m too shocked to reply, and she grabs my shirt collar and takes me to her room, still a bit shocked but feeling old Lucky Seven growing in my pants.

She pushes me onto the bed, kicking her shoes off and removing mine, not quite so gently. The rest of my clothes come off, and soon I’m lying on my back, wearing a half-unbuttoned shirt as she skins out of dress, bra, and panty hose, never taking her eyes off the cock sticking out of the shirt, smiling, nipples erect, licking her lips as she slinks onto the bed and unbuttons the shirt. I’m not so shocked now that I don’t like this more than a little! My cock feels like it’s going to burst, but she doesn’t slide onto it – she keeps moving up me and the last thing I see is her pussy before it ends its move up my body – and lands on my face. And she smells just the way I like a woman to smell – herself! 100 percent natural soap-and-water woman! Hey, this is fun!

I lick along the lips to her clit repeatedly, trying not to touch it even though she’s rocking her hips against my face.

Her thighs come off my ears and I hear her moaning, breathing really hard. And I’m really caring about pleasing her. I touch her clit with my tongue and she cries, “There, there, lick it there!” And I do; she’s not touching my cock and it seems like it’s going to explode, but it doesn’t, she does, and I get to watch! My tongue’s working her like a pencil eraser gone mad, and suddenly she comes, tears in her eyes, hands behind my head pushing my head hard between her legs repeatedly as she gasps, moans, screams and finally, after a seeming hour of inhaling her, she lets go, moves off my face, grinning a salacious, horny grin that tells me it isn’t over just yet. And I’m smiling, too.


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