epub |spa | 2013-10-09 | Author:John Jeremiah Sullivan [Sullivan, John Jeremiah]

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epub |eng | 2021-04-29 | Author:Elias Lönnrot [Lönnrot, Elias]

RUNO 24 The Teaching of the Bridegroom Now the bride has been advised, And the maiden well-directed. I will speak now to my brother, To the bridegroom from my mouth: ...
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epub |eng | 2018-03-09 | Author:Elias Lönnrot [Lönnrot, Elias]

If thou dost not weep sufficient, Thou wilt weep on thy returning To the scenes of happy childhood, When thou visitest thy sister Lying, prostrate in the meadow, In her ...
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epub |eng | 1985-03-15 | Author:Elias Lonnrot [Lonnrot, Elias]

POEM 30 Lemminkäinen with his former comrade-in-arms Snowfoot sets out to wage war against North Farm (1–122). To oppose him the mistress of North Farm produces a severe cold spell ...
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epub |eng | 2010-03-01 | Author:James Hoare [Hoare, James]

DRINKING Koreans like drinking, and there is little social stigma attached to getting drunk, at least as far as men are concerned. Women may find that their Korean counterparts, especially ...
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epub |eng | 2011-11-15 | Author:Warwick Cairns [Cairns, Warwick]

Deep Water Perhaps it was to do with Miriam Muhammad’s powers to find and bring water to his land; perhaps it was to do with the lateness of the hour, ...
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epub |eng | | Author:Lawrence, D. H., 1885-1930

Front Table of Contents Next Last updated Monday, November 5, 2012 at 16:38 Collected Short Stories, by D. H. Lawrence The Mortal Coil I She stood motionless in the ...
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epub |eng | 2015-03-23 | Author:Joe Schwarcz

PARAXYLENE PARADOX Chinese cities don’t often see demonstrations. But the proposed building of a new chemical plant in the city of Kunming did manage to drive thousands of people into ...
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epub |eng | | Author:Blake, Barry J.;

11.3 Rhyming reduplication There are rather more examples of near reduplication where the just the rhymes match.5 Whereas most of the compounds with vowel alternation involve monosyllabic roots with a few ...
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epub |eng | 2021-03-23 | Author:Andrea Lee [Lee, Andrea]

* * * Next day, I keep to myself, as one is entitled to do in a hotel that has a library. When Simon calls from Hunan, before breakfast, I ...
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epub |eng | 2000-08-15 | Author:Ayn Rand & Tore Boeckmann [Ayn Rand & Tore Boeckmann]

8 Style I: Depictions of Love When I was writing Atlas Shrugged, I spent a long time planning the scene where Francisco comes to Dagny in the country. Many issues ...
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epub |eng | 2001-02-01 | Author:Ayn Rand & Robert Mayhew [Ayn Rand & Robert Mayhew]

8 Style Style is a distinctive, characteristic mode of execution. This definition applies to nonfiction writing as well as to all other creative activities, and it encompasses everything pertaining strictly ...
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epub |eng | 2021-04-21 | Author:Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

Create a Safer Schools and Campuses Best Practices Clearinghouse. To date, states, local jurisdictions and schools have been left on their own to determine how to protect educators, staff, and ...
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epub |ita | 2013-02-01 | Author:Giovanni Boccaccio [Boccaccio, Giovanni]

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mobi |eng | 2011-02-28 | Author:George W Ogden [Ogden, George W]

* * * CHAPTER XV WILL HIS LUCK HOLD? Dora escorted Morgan to a table apart from the few heavy feeders who were already engaged, indicating to the other two ...
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