Whiskies Galore by Ian Buxton

Whiskies Galore by Ian Buxton

Author:Ian Buxton
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Birlinn Books


1 My editor insists that I qualify this information with the all-important phrase ‘at the time of writing’, presumably to prevent readers experiencing higher prices at some future date from suing me for the distress caused thereby.

2 The correct geological term for the stone from which the Kildalton Cross has been fashioned, used here adjectivally, possibly for the first and only time, to emphasise the rock-like certainty of the early Christians who carved it — their faith was, it will be remembered, built upon a rock. (See Isaiah 28:16, also Matthew 7:24 etc.)

3 Quince paste jelly, don’t you know, a standard of North London kitchen suppers. It has even crept into tasting notes, God help us.

4 Before you feel sorry for him, I actually made this up.

5 But the Distilleries Went On: The Morrison Bowmore Story. Angel’s Share, Glasgow. 2015.


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