Water by Ian Miller

Water by Ian Miller

Author:Ian Miller
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Reaktion Books

’Tis true that yankees are most shrewd,

And wooden nutmegs make, sir;

But who’d have thought Port wine was brew’d

This side the big salt lake, sir.

We need not send to Portugal,

Nor go to good old Spain, sir;

The best of wine is at our call,

Port, Lisbon, or Champaigne, sir.

They’ll make us any kind we choose,

Without the aid of grape, sir;

And when ’tis done, will not refuse

A price to make it take, sir.

Some love to swig New England rum,

And some do Cider choose, sir;

But, so they only make ‘drunk come,’

No matter what they use, sir.


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