The Thirst by Nesbo Jo

The Thirst by Nesbo Jo

Author:Nesbo,Jo [Nesbø, Jo]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: FIC000000 Fiction / General
ISBN: 9780385352161
Publisher: Knopf
Published: 2017-05-08T16:00:00+00:00

Harry could see something in the darkness.

In the middle of the drive, beyond the light from the windows and by the steps, he could make out the shape of someone standing with their arms by their sides, motionless, as they stared at the kitchen window and Harry.

Harry lowered his head and looked down at his mug of coffee as if he hadn’t seen the figure outside. His pistol was upstairs.

Should he run and get it?

On the other hand, if it really was the hunted man who was approaching the hunter, he didn’t want to frighten him off.

Harry stood up, stretched, aware that he was easily visible in the well-lit kitchen. He went into the living room, which also had windows facing the driveway, picked up a book, before taking two rapid strides towards the front door, grabbing the garden shears Rakel had left next to her boots, yanking the door open and running down the steps.

The figure still didn’t move.

Harry stopped.




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