Bull's Eye Sniper Chronicles Collection (The Second Cycle of the Betrayed Series) by McCray Carolyn

Bull's Eye Sniper Chronicles Collection (The Second Cycle of the Betrayed Series) by McCray Carolyn

Author:McCray, Carolyn [McCray, Carolyn]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: General Fiction
Publisher: Off Our Meds Multimedia, LLC
Published: 2014-01-07T00:00:00+00:00


Stark’s fingers flew, researching as Bunny spoke. Damn the woman knew her ancient history. Pulling together all of these bits and pieces of history to suss out the Righteous’ plan. Davidson wasn’t too shabby either.

“They are punching through the wall downstairs,” Davidson said. “There has long been rumors there was another tomb under the wall, however due to concerns about the structural integrity, no one had been allowed to dig down there or even conduct research.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” Lopez asked, gripping his gun.

Oh how he wished the satellite was in position. Only another few minutes and he’d be able to see under there and not have to rely on the soldier’s helmet cams.

The group snapped back into formation as they made their way past all of the downed clones and headed for the door that led down a short staircase to the lower level that housed the boiler room. Steam obscured part of the view. It looked like they had entered a sauna.

As they slowly made their way through the room, it gave Stark time to digest everything that Bunny had said.

“They are going to want to broadcast this second coming,” Stark stated.

“Already on it,” his mother said. “That signal isn’t getting out of that tomb, that is for sure.”

Stark looked at their countdown clock. They were less than twenty minutes away from the suicide bombers.

This much facial recognition was straining even their servers. To be looking for a clone in each of the world’s major airports was worse than finding a needle in a haystack. It was finally a grain of sand on a beach that was actively trying to avoid you.

“We’ve got one,” Stark’s mother announced, pointing to the screen in front of her. It was from security footage from Heathrow airport. No surprise there. London would of course make the Righteous’ list.

“Get security on it.”

“It’s from twelve minutes ago. I’ll follow him,” his mother stated.

“And another,” Stark blurted, finding a clone’s picture in Rome’s international airport. Of course that picture was a few minutes old as well.

A sense of dread washed over Stark. It was happening. It really was happening. The suicide bombers were rolling out, spreading like the locust. Unlike locust the Righteous clones were about to explode their Sarin payload.

Hurling the world into chaos just to fulfill their grandiose scheme.

No, A scheme they were going to stop.

Within twenty seven minutes.

They better get to work.

* * *

The tomb was even more spectacular than the legends. Baasha’s feet actually shuffled to a stop as he entered the tomb. Forget terra cotta warriors. These were gilded warriors. With diamond studded spear tips. All protecting their emperor.

But this emperor was guarding something even more important than his eternal soul. The Chinese leader had agreed to allow Thomas to hide the throne in his tomb.

None of the Righteous’ enemies would think to look here. None ever had.

Where better to bury Christ’s ultimate throne when he returned to earth than in Mozi’s hometown? The two were kindred spirits.


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