Shot Through The Heart (Supernature Book 1) by Edwin James

Shot Through The Heart (Supernature Book 1) by Edwin James

Author:Edwin James
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Published: 2013-10-31T00:00:00+00:00


Mark showed Adam the way to the church at the back of eleven. There was a thick mist in the air, sending a shiver up Mark's spine. The area of window he'd cleared away the previous morning was already encrusted with a layer of mud - he rubbed it again to allow Adam to click away.

Adam took over, circling the church and taking hundreds of shots. Mark appreciated his enthusiasm as a photographer - he was getting down and dirty, kneeling and rolling around to get the most dynamic views of the building. His three-quarter-length army surplus trousers were caked in mud in ten minutes.

He was still irritating the living hell out of Mark, though. The man just could not keep his mouth shut for longer than ten seconds, and when it opened, a steady stream of half-true nonsense spewed out. Trudging away from the church to get a longer view, Mark hoped to avoid conversation. Adam continued shooting, getting himself stuck deep into nettles.

Mark got out his phone and dialled. "Mrs McGregor?" he asked.


"It's Mark Campbell. I'm just checking in to see if there's been any news on Kay."

Mrs McGregor sighed down the line. "I've no' heard from her, son," she said. "I told you before, she'll no turn up for ages."

"I'm just worried," said Mark. He figured that mentioning to anyone that he'd seen Kay turn into a dog wouldn't help matters.

"Aye, well dinnae be," said Mrs McGregor. "My lassie will turn up when she wants to."

"You've heard nothing from her?" asked Mark.

"No!" shouted Mrs McGregor. "Look, son, I need to go make my mum's breakfast, okay? She's no' well, and she's more of a worry to me than that daughter of mine."

The line clicked dead.

He didn't know what to do. He couldn't doubt the evidence of his senses, and he knew what he saw.

Mark looked at the church, distracting himself by comparing it with its cousin in the village, and thought about everyone who mentioned supernatural happenings in the area. Maybe the devil worship led to paranormal behaviour.

Maybe not.

The ruined building would be a good metaphor to use in one of the many unwritten chapters. Mark got his notebook out and scribbled some ideas down - the locals were Catholic and their religion had been battered down, much like the church.

The insinuation from the minister seemed to be the locals had torched the building, rather than some freak event. He couldn't understand why the locals would attack a Catholic church. They were God-fearing people - to destroy a place of worship was an extreme action. The Protestant church, while it was in decay for modern reasons, had been built after the destruction of the Catholic one and had flourished.

What was so special about the Catholic faith?

Mark tugged at his brain, trying to think it through. To him, Catholicism was much older and was more magic-based than the almost rational Protestant faiths, themselves almost a step towards philosophy. Mark had always considered it not a coincidence that much


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