Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell

Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell

Author:Lisa Jewell [Jewell, Lisa]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781473561359
Publisher: Random House
Published: 2020-08-05T18:30:00+00:00


‘Mum,’ says Georgia, walking into the bathroom without knocking. ‘They just arrested him!’


‘The policewoman detective person. She just went into the house over the road with another cop. Came out with the creepy guy. Put him in a car and drove him away! There’s journalists and all sorts out there, taking pictures! Come and see!’

Cate dries her hands on the backs of her jeans. It’s been two hours since DI Currie was here talking to them, since Roan left for work. She’d thought things might be winding down, but apparently not. She goes to the front door with Georgia.

There are people hanging around, a couple of small film crews packing their things away. Cate goes outside and wanders over to a young woman in a yellow anorak with a furry hood and says, ‘What’s been going on? Where have they taken that guy?’

‘Owen Pick, you mean?’ The woman, whom Cate assumes to be a journalist, shoves some wires into a black bag and zips it up.

‘I don’t know his name – the guy who lives in that house? Youngish, with dark hair?’

‘Yeah. Owen Pick. They’ve taken him in for questioning.’

‘About Saffyre Maddox?’

‘Yes. Apparently they found some of her stuff outside his bedroom window and traces of blood on the wall and in the grass.’

‘Oh my God.’ Cate brings her hands to her mouth. She hears Georgia gasping beside her.

‘Oh my God, is she dead?’ asks Georgia.

The woman shrugs. ‘No body found yet, but it’s looking increasingly likely.’

‘God, that’s so sad,’ says Georgia. Then she says, ‘That guy is weird. It doesn’t surprise me much that he could do something like that.’

The journalist stops and looks at Georgia. ‘They don’t know for sure yet that he did. So probably best not to start spreading that about.’ She pauses, looks at Owen Pick’s house and then back at Georgia and says, ‘Although, you know …’

Cate follows her gaze towards the house. She thinks about that night weeks ago when Georgia thought she’d been followed home by Owen Pick. She thinks about that night a few days later when Tilly appeared on her doorstep to say she’d been accosted on the other side of the street. She thinks of the string of sex attacks in the area. She thinks about Roan seeing Owen Pick on Valentine’s night, staring at their house.

She feels a weight lift from her gut, a weight she had barely acknowledged until now: the weight of doubt, the weight of suspicion, of thinking that at any moment now the world could collapse on her head.


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