Turbulence by E. J. Noyes

Turbulence by E. J. Noyes

Author:E. J. Noyes [Noyes, E. J.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781594935619
Publisher: Bella Books
Published: 2017-09-20T04:00:00+00:00

Chapter Sixteen

Audrey and I laughed almost the whole way home while I told her all my stories from the forest. As promised, Mama had been to the market and brought home a haul for me to grill for dinner, which she insisted I start the moment I finished showering.

Ever since her friend Dolores left the gas on for five minutes before lighting her grill and lost her eyebrows, Mama had been scared of the barbeque. Dolores was lucky that was all she lost. Rumor had it you could see the fireball from blocks away.

I could barely concentrate on the task at hand. Audrey was upstairs showering and had been gone ten minutes. I had a fair idea of what she was doing. Damn her. My skin burned with the memory of her lips against mine sharing endless slow kisses. I ran a hand over the back of my neck. Mama dragged me out of my reverie with a warning. “Don’t let it get too hot, Bunny.”

“Mama, if you wanna grill, then grill. Otherwise sit on your butt and leave it to me.”

“Mmm, well all right then.” She busied herself filling glasses. “Tell me, how was the rest of your afternoon?”

I tilted my head to check the flame. “Just fine.”

Mama handed me a very full glass of wine. “I heard a funny rumor just before you two got in.”

“Oh?” I bent my head to take a careful sip.

“Apparently Mary Devery picked up a couple out at the old clearing. The one where you kids used to hang out.”

This town. That took all of an hour to get to her. “Yeah?”

“Yeah. Word is they were butt naked and in a very compromisin’ position.”

“We were not naked and all we were doing was kissin’!” The moment the words came out I scrunched my face up, mentally cursing myself. Mama was the only person who ever caught me out like that.

Her eyes glinted. “Well then, isn’t that something.” Part of the reason for her glee chose that moment to arrive and save me from discussing it further. Audrey accepted an icy beer and stood close to me, peering at the grill. “Sure it’s hot enough?”

I gave her a withering glance and it may have been almost convincing, if it weren’t for the fact I’d almost collapsed from her freshly-showered scent. “Yes. It’s hot enough.”

The three of us sat out on the porch, drinking and chatting, and every few minutes I got up to check the grill. Adding this, moving that. Grilling was the one kind of cooking I was good at. Every item had a set amount of time it needed. Turn, wait, done. It was formulaic, not intuitive. Something I could handle.

We ate outside, and the whole time I kept waiting for Mama to say something about me that would scare Audrey off. As the levels in the bottles grew lower and the moon got higher we laughed louder, told more outlandish stories and all grew closer. I learned that Audrey’s mom had


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