Midnight Target by Elle Kennedy

Midnight Target by Elle Kennedy

Author:Elle Kennedy
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Published: 2017-04-06T09:22:38+00:00

Chapter 21

Liam could have faked astonishment. Maybe voiced a denial. But he knew when an op had been compromised, and he wasn’t one to waste time that could be used saving his own skin. Besides, men like Niko Vega weren’t the type to talk through their issues. No, Vega’s gun was already swinging upward, leaving Liam with very little time to react.

Fortunately, he and Sully didn’t require more than a split second. One moment they were seated, the next they were diving in opposite directions, removing themselves as targets. As Liam slid onto the floor, he brought the third enforcer down with him, relieving the man of his knife.

Then, with perfect accuracy, he hurled the blade and sent it flying into the center of Vega’s throat.

A gruesome gagging noise echoed in the room. Liam vaguely registered a red arc spurting from Vega’s throat, but he was too busy taking cover to pay it much attention.

Almost instantly, bullets started flying. Sharp rifle blasts cracked in the air. Casings pinged off the floor. Chunks of plaster broke off the walls, raining down on Liam’s head. He rolled over so that the enforcer’s back was pressed to his chest, providing himself with a human shield when Bobby Silva fired at him. Silva ended up putting two bullets in his colleague’s gut, and the muscular man jerked on top of Liam like a fish out of water, crushing him to the floor.

Breathing hard, he adjusted their angle so he could slip the man’s gun from his holster. As Silva fired another round, Liam pushed the enforcer off him, rolled again, and shot at Bobby’s kneecap.

The big man staggered, his groan of pain slicing through the gunfire. From the corner of his eye, Liam saw a blur of motion. Gray wool and a flash of blond. Sullivan had disarmed the guard at the door, taken out the other one, and was now opening fire on the ones at the exit.

The entire shoot-out lasted all of three seconds—the two guards dropped to the floor in a pool of blood at the same time that Liam blew Bobby’s head off.

But the man whose knife and gun Liam had stolen wasn’t dead yet, and the motherfucker suddenly possessed superhuman strength even while bleeding out. Before Liam could blink, the enforcer flew forward on his knees and head-butted Liam’s forehead with enough force to make him see stars.

Something wet dripped down his face, sliding over his cheek. He tasted copper in his mouth and realized he was bleeding. The asshole had split his eyebrow. Awesome.

Fortunately, it didn’t matter how much rage-induced strength the bastard had. What he didn’t have was a weapon. Liam did. Two shots to the chest and one to the head, and the remaining Barrios thug crumpled to the dirty linoleum floor in a bloody heap.

The only sounds remaining in the room were Liam’s steady breaths. Sullivan’s soft footsteps as he walked to the back door. And something else. Something that made Liam’s shoulders go rigid. Soft wheezing.


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