Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey

Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey

Author:Scott Tracey
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: teen, young adult, urban fantasy teen fiction, young adult fiction
Publisher: Flux
Published: 2011-07-20T22:00:00+00:00


Our first stop was Gregory’s. The comic shop was about as busy as I remembered it, but this time there wasn’t anyone manning the front counter.

“He’s probably upstairs playing on his website,” Trey murmured.

We headed through the back and up the stairs. Sure enough, Gregory was ensconced at a small table near the windows looking out over the street. “Back already?” He swiveled around in his chair, facing us.

“Do you have a copy of Montserrat’s Grimoire?” I asked, stepping forward. It was the book that had the legend of the hellhound in it, and from what I knew from Uncle John, it was also a fairly common tome in magical circles.

Gregory’s eyes lit up, and without giving an answer he swiveled around and started typing. He didn’t look thrilled to see me. No surprise there.

“Hey, he asked you a question.” Trey was getting angry.

“Yes, yes, I heard the first time. My hearing is quite exceptional, as a matter of fact.” Gregory’s fingers slowed as he typed and talked at the same time. “Two reports of a spectral dog roaming the outskirts of town. I don’t believe in coincidence.”

So whatever the wolf was, it hadn’t managed to kill the last hellhound. Part of me had hoped it would be that easy, that the wolf would have killed all of them. But the leader was smart—I’d seen that firsthand.

Trey looked at me quizzically, not understanding the connection. I sighed and explained. “Montserrat collected myths and legends from the magical world. The legend about the hellhound is one of his particularly notable entries.” Gregory knew that too, apparently. I made a mental note to pay more attention when I was here—Gregory didn’t just sell the books, he clearly knew his way around the supernatural.

“So what’s he doing?” Trey mouthed silently at me.

My new sunglasses were starting to slide, so I pushed them back up my face. “He’s using that as confirmation, posting to his Internet buddies.”

“It’s an Internet forum,” Gregory sniped. “One that knew you were in town only a few hours later, so I wouldn’t deride it too much.”

“Right,” Trey drawled.

God only knows how long Gregory was going to be busy confirming the sightings of the mysterious doglike creatures from last night. It reminded me that I’d lost a day, and anything could have happened in the meantime. “No one was hurt last night, right?”

Gregory favored us with a brief glance. “Lucky for you.” He only glanced at Trey for a second, but the look he gave me was longer. And a little afraid, I thought.

I didn’t like the way he always acted like he knew so much. He was just some comic book shop owner. “Do you have the book or not?”

“Look on the shelves. You might want to take the fresh meat home to meet your Mother, Gentry. She was here bright and early yesterday, thanks to that little display in the cemetery. Your new witch friend stirred up quite the little magical CGI. She’s in a bit of a tizzy.


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