Girls Who Bite by Delilah Devlin

Girls Who Bite by Delilah Devlin

Author:Delilah Devlin
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Cleis Press
Published: 2011-09-19T16:00:00+00:00

Hathor took a deep breath as Sekhmet obeyed her whispered plea. If only she’d stay…

The warm tongue lapped at Hathor’s bloody palm like a cat’s at cream. The tension radiating through Sekhmet’s scent lessened but the lingering musk of her sexual release teased Hathor’s nose.

She wanted so much more that Sekhmet wouldn’t give.

Full lips closed over Hathor’s rapidly closing wound. Her nature made healing quick and painless, most of the time.

Sekhmet’s frantic sucking softened to gentle kisses, creating an ache in Hathor’s loins that only her wayward lover could cure. Many had tried. As the goddess of love, Hathor had been more than free with her charms. It was in her nature, especially when her chosen lover refused to stay by her side.

A soft growl dropped lower to almost a purr. The bushy mass of braids reminded Hathor of Sekhmet’s alter ego, the lioness. Sekhmet lifted her gaze to meet Hathor’s. Her golden eyes glowed with desire and need.

Hathor had only seconds to prepare as Sekhmet’s pent-up yearning pushed her forward.

A fast pounce, and Hathor was on her back on the strategically placed couch. As she hit the hard cushions, she was grateful for having had the forethought to rearrange the room before she lured Sekhmet into her lair.

A hard jerk, and Hathor’s linen shift ripped from neck to groin. Buttons popped and rolled around the small room.

Kisses fell across her face, fast pecks of passion until Sekhmet’s lips met hers. Deep, hard, Sekhmet’s tongue explored Hathor’s mouth, probing like a man’s cock in a pussy.

Pleasure exploded through Hathor’s synapses. Her nipples tightened under Sekhmet’s rough hands. Fingers tugged and pulled. Bodies rubbed together. A hard thigh pressed against her groin, friction and pressure bringing her a little closer to what she needed.

Cream of arousal pulsed through Hathor’s channel. “Yes. Take what you need.” Her hands caressed Sekhmet’s back. “Take me.”

Frantic kisses left Hathor’s mouth, trailing lower until a nipple was caught in a hard suck.

Hathor arched into the hard pressure. “Yes.” Her fingers twisted through Sekhmet’s mane, tugging her closer. “Do it.”

With a half cry, half growl, Sekhmet did as commanded. As Hathor knew she would. Sekhmet had no choice. Neither did Hathor…

Sharp teeth penetrated the swell of Hathor’s breast, just above the nipple. Her heart beat faster, racing to keep up with the loss of blood. Her body tingled with the lack of oxygen as she held her breath.

Deeper her lover drank, pulling the liquid of life from Hathor’s body. Sekhmet’s hand slid lower, moving past the ripped material, dipping into the barely there underwear. A quick flicker of a touch set Hathor’s clit quivering.

“Yes. Oh, yes!” Hathor’s hands tightened on Sekhmet’s head. “Make me come…” Lightheadedness from blood loss forced Hathor’s eyes closed. Weakness made her breathing shallow. The lack of oxygen helped push her body toward satisfaction. “Make. Me…”

Fingers plunged into her wet channel. The palm of Sekhmet’s hand pressed hard against Hathor’s clit.

Orgasm spiraled out from Hathor’s sex, each wave harder than the last. The lights dimmed as Hathor struggled for breath.


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