You Lost Him at Hello by Jess McCann

You Lost Him at Hello by Jess McCann

Author:Jess McCann
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Format: epub, mobi
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keeping him interested

Hold Back Your Bullets

I’ll never forget the first woman to ever cry in my office. Her name was Amelia. She was a tiny blonde with a big personality. Her blue eyes, which were usually filled with excitement and enthusiasm, were now flooded with tears and runny mascara. As she sat in front of me trying to find her words, I remember thinking she looked more like a woman who had just lost her boyfriend instead of a sale.

But that’s why she was sobbing so profusely. She had been pounding the pavement for weeks, trying to find new customers. Ten different business owners had invited her to sit down and give them her pitch about switching phone carriers, but as time progressed she was unable to close any of them.

“I just don’t understand it,” she cried. “None of the other reps had as many deals in their funnel. Yet, they were able to close at least two or three people. I couldn’t close anyone. I feel so stupid. I don’t think I can work here anymore.”

Although she was being a bit dramatic, she was right. Having ten deals in her funnel was unusual. Most of the other reps didn’t have nearly that good of a prospecting rate. Amelia was able to get customers interested, but somewhere in the course of the sale, she was losing them. She knew it, and that’s why she felt so bad.

“Hey, you have gotten through the toughest part. Finding the business and getting the person interested to hear what you have to say is what takes the most effort. You just need to figure out what you are doing that is losing the customers’ interest. Tell me exactly what happened with each person and we’ll figure it out together,” I said.

Though her sniffles, Amelia recounted the last few weeks for me. As I listened to her story I began to realize her problem. Amelia started off strong when she first sat down with a potential buyer. She always smiled and broke the ice before diving into her pitch. However, halfway through her presentation, she became nervous that the client wasn’t warming up to her offer and she started throwing out incentives to entice them more. She gave them free pens, offered to lower their long-distance rate with no obligation, and even told them about the thirty-day free trial—something I had taught the reps to hold back on and use only to tip a customer over the fence. Because Amelia was so afraid that the customer would lose interest, she told them about all the perks right up front instead of pacing the conversation and dishing them out accordingly.

“Amelia,” I said. “Has anyone told you about the Bullet Theory?”

“Um . . . no,” she replied.

“Think of all the perks of our contract as bullets. Free long-distance is a bullet. The thirty-day trial is a bullet. Even these silly little pens are bullets. You only have a handful to use in order to keep your customers interested.


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