The Mistress Wife by Lynne Graham

The Mistress Wife by Lynne Graham

Author:Lynne Graham
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
Publisher: Harlequin
Published: 2004-09-15T04:00:00+00:00


AROUND a day and a half later, Vivien tidied her hair in her bedroom. The once-cluttered room was a good deal emptier than it had been the day before when a removal firm had arrived to pack the clothes, toys, books and nursery goods she would be taking with her. Lucca’s promise of furnished accommodation had been welcome because Bernice was remaining in the house.

Reparation, Lucca had called the debt he said she owed him. She had been appalled by his threat to challenge her custody of Marco and in that same instant her choice had been made. When Lucca had made it clear that he was even prepared to use Marco’s ordeal in the street to represent her as being an unfit parent, she had been utterly devastated.

There never had been any middle ground with Lucca, she acknowledged unhappily. Either one was with him or one was against him. It did not take great imagination to guess where a soon-to-be ex-wife who had sinned against him figured on that scale. Yet to those he cared about Lucca was the very truest of friends, who would offer every possible support in adversity without any expectation of return. But Lucca also made a very cold and implacable enemy. Once she had held special status in his world but not any more, she conceded dully, painfully aware of what she had stupidly surrendered of her own accord.

She had no idea how his justifiable annoyance at seeing so little of Marco had translated into the passionate sexual encounter that he had allowed to take place between them. She found it impossible to believe that Lucca could have found her too tempting to resist. She was no Helen of Troy and scarcely so beautiful that she could deprive any mortal man of his wits. Of course, Lucca never had been either easily understood or predictable. Humiliatingly, he had calmly dismissed what they had shared as just sex. Was that the truth? Or simply what he preferred to believe? Wasn’t it still possible that that passion could spark again into something that might be built on firmer foundations? Even a new beginning?

With a guilty little quiver at her reluctance to let go of her own most precious dream, Vivien shut down that dangerous high-risk thought train. Ostensibly, she was moving to London at Lucca’s request solely for his benefit and her son’s. Conscience told her that she did owe Lucca some compensation for the effect the breakdown of their marriage had had on his relationship with Marco. But at the same time she was also clinging fast to those promising words, ‘friendly and informal’. Lucca was about to become part of her life again. She would see him, get the chance to talk to him and maybe the differences that lay between them could be slowly dissolved.

From such small and humble beginnings, acorns had grown into giant oaks, and, when it came to Lucca Saracino, she loved him enough to take the rough with the smooth and be patient.


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