Untraceable by Lindsay Delagair

Untraceable by Lindsay Delagair

Author:Lindsay Delagair
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: love, relationship, kidnapping, sex, hitman, untouchable, unforgivable
Publisher: Lindsay Delagair

CHAPTER twenty

It had been a full week since the accident—at least I think it had been a week. I didn’t know for certain anymore. I spent most of my time weeping, dozing off only to wake and find that I was still inside of a nightmare. Sharon arrived at the house on the fourth or fifth day. She wouldn’t come upstairs. Instead, she ordered Jonathan to gag me and bring me down. I didn’t understand at first, but then I heard her on the phone; she was talking to Micah and she was merely keeping me silent until she would allow me to speak to him. As soon as she ended the call, she left. I knew she was heading for Hilton Head; I’d heard her tell Micah that was where she’d meet him.

That same night, I was allowed one brief moment to see video of Micah’s face and to speak to him before she ended our conversation. That was days ago and I had no idea what was happening.

Since the first day I woke in this house, Jonathan had been my main human contact. I’d heard him many times telling the others to stay out of the bedroom and to leave me alone. From the range of voices, I was certain there were now four men in addition to Jonathan.

Jonathan never said much to me after what was spoken the day he took me, but from the amount of arguments I overheard, he evidently didn’t get along with my other captors. He allowed me a total of five bathroom/stretching breaks a day, and he brought me three meals a day. I suspected he was the one preparing the food since they were Italian dishes. I wanted to refuse. I wanted to find some way to make him regret what he’d done, but I had to eat. I didn’t want food, but I accepted it with the knowledge that the baby needed it. I also suspected that he was either putting something in my food or water to put me out at night because after my conversation with Micah, he realized I had sleep issues. Since I last spoke with Micah, I’d been falling asleep each night.

But tonight was different. He came into the room before my scheduled break and he was carrying his phone; he wore a strange expression.

“We have a problem,” Jonathan stated as he set the phone down. “It appears your husband has done something to anger Sharon and now you are supposed to be punished for his disregard for her rules.”

I stiffened at the mention of punishment. I was dealing with mafia mentality. Punishment in their realm could mean many things, but whatever was about to happen, I knew it would be severe. I didn’t have the strength or the will left to be brave as my eyes filled with tears. “Do what you have to, but please Jonathan don’t hurt my son,” I begged as the tears washed down my face.

He pulled the chair next to the bed and sat for a moment simply studying my face.


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