Undone by R. Phoenix & Morgan Noel

Undone by R. Phoenix & Morgan Noel

Author:R. Phoenix & Morgan Noel [Phoenix, R. & Noel, Morgan]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-01-30T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter Twenty

True to his word, Leandro had ensured that Kolt hadn’t been left alone anywhere but in their rooms. Either he or Gideon had been at the incubus’ side every time he’d ventured into the casino. If anyone had thought about defying him — which would’ve been foolish, considering what he’d done to Barsum — they hadn’t tried.

It disappointed him.

He’d been enraptured by the idea of keeping Kolt safe at first, and he’d eagerly anticipated the next person to try to touch his pet. No one had been brave enough. He knew Gideon was satisfied with that, but Leandro wasn’t. It had been too long since he’d been able to let loose his powers in truth. It dissuaded would-be challengers and it added to his reputation, but when they were properly wary of him, it was less…


The consolation prize, that he had a needy incubus draped over him almost every hour of every day, had lost its luster. Kolt was doting on him in a way he hadn’t in a long time, and Leandro both appreciated it and resented it. It should’ve been like that at all times, not simply… now.

It was too perfect.

It was boring.

Leandro smoothed his fingers over Kolt’s braid, inspecting it. “Beautiful work,” he praised, but all he wanted to do was unfasten it and let the hair fall about that beautiful face. “Are you ready to go downstairs?”

He hadn’t told Kolt yet that he’d be leaving him alone for a time. No one had misbehaved; it wouldn’t be an issue.


“Hmm,” Kolt hummed drawing in a deep breath. “Not sure I like it. It was just a lot of work,” he complained, tugging at the braid a little while looking in the mirror. “But if you like it…” the incubus said, a question in the words. He leaned his head back to look up at Leandro with his eyebrows drawn up. He was like a proper pampered pet now, and it suited Kolt, even if it was dull.

“I do,” Leandro said. “But I like it better down.”

“Down? Really?” Kolt asked, pursing his lips and looking back at his reflection.

Leandro didn’t answer, and despite his words, he beckoned. “Come along. I have a meeting to get to, my Kol’tso.” Maybe while he was gone, something interesting would happen again. He could hope.

Kolt loosened the hair tie, and carefully began to undo the braid, even though he did follow him like a good pet.

Leandro settled an arm around his incubus’ shoulders as he guided him down to the casino floor. Before going through the doors, he stopped and looked at Kolt again in the dim light of the staircase. Even without the glamor and sparkle of the casino lights on him, the incubus was beautiful. With his hair undone — even if Kolt was still finger combing it to get the last of the braids out — he looked more otherworldly than an incubus had any right to.

“What?” Kolt asked, questioningly.

“Nothing,” Leandro said. “Should there be something?” he asked, pressing a careful kiss to Kolt’s lips to keep him from answering.


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