Mind Fuck by Manna Francis

Mind Fuck by Manna Francis

Author:Manna Francis [Francis, Manna]
Language: nld
Format: epub
Tags: erotic MM, Romance MM
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00


The call for Toreth to go in to I&I came just after four on Monday morning. When he arrived, he

found Sara already there. She stood up when she saw him, her eyes wide with excitement.

"Is it really Pearl Nissim?" he asked her, and she nodded. " Legislator Pearl Nissim?"

"One and the same," she said.

Stupid question. It was hardly a common name, and the woman was connected to the

investigation already. From now on, SimTech would have to sink or swim without their patron in

the European Legislature. He felt an unaccountable urge to laugh, although it wasn't funny at all.

"Fucking hell," he said.

"Found dead in her sim machine, just like the other two." Sara waited for a comment, before

adding, "Do you want to go out to Strasbourg or send someone from the team?"

Toreth pulled himself together. "For a Legislator? I think that merits a personal appearance.

Besides, one of the local bastards will claim it if I don't show. Send a message to I&I and Justice

over there and tell them it's mine. And get hold of Tillotson or Jenny and get something saying

the same sent in his name."

"He's done it already."


"Tillotson left a message before I got in—you've got full authority over there."

"Right. Get me a flight as soon as possible and I want O'Reilly and her team as well. I'll dig out

an investigator to go with me."

Sara nodded and Toreth went past her into his office and closed the door behind him.

He sat down at his desk, half his mind running through what needed doing, and half stunned by

the news. Teffera had been one thing, but this was in a new league. The murder of an

Administration higher-up—damn nearly highest-up, in fact—wasn't something a para got a

chance at solving every day.

Even less frequently when it was their fault. When he'd thrown out his bait, he'd expected

another death at the AERC. Another student, or maybe one of the more senior staff. Better hope

Tillotson never found out about this one.

Shaking off the distraction, he called Barret-Connor. When the investigator finally answered the

comm he was wrapped in a startlingly pink duvet. Possibly not his own—in the background

Toreth could make out female legs, from the knees down.

B-C's cropped blond hair was far too short to rumple, but his bleary-eyed face made up for it.


"We have a new body. Get in here, and bring some clothes—we're going to Strasbourg."

" Now, Para?" The legs behind him stirred, and Toreth heard a faint, sleepy protest over the comm. He almost sympathised with B-C—they were the kind of legs he wouldn't like to be torn

away from himself.

"Look on the bright side—we'll get there just in time to start work."


On the flight over, with Barret-Connor sleeping in the seat beside him, Toreth read the

Legislator's security file. Not something he often saw, although it actually made disappointingly

tame reading.

Nissim was in her early sixties, although from the picture she could have been ten years younger.

Her family background was respectable Administration—her father had also worked for the

European Legislature, although his career had ended at a rank below his daughter's.


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