Cronin's Key by N.R. Walker

Cronin's Key by N.R. Walker

Author:N.R. Walker [Walker, N.R.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2015-03-13T04:00:00+00:00


Cronin understood why Eiji and Jodis had organized the meeting at his place. It was secure, impenetrable—unless another leaper appeared—and Cronin knew it was the safest place for Alec to be. He just wished for privacy.

And suddenly, after more than twelve hundred years of wishing time would move faster—of wishing his fated one would hurry and arrive—he now wished for time to stop. He wanted to spend precious minutes with Alec untroubled by pending battles. He wanted to tell him more stories of the years he waited, he wanted to explore his body, he wanted to change him—as selfish as it was—so he would have him forever.

Yet when he watched him, he marveled at the humanness of him: how his blood would heat, how his heartbeat spiked and calmed, how he would absentmindedly scratch an itch, bite his lip when in thought, or run his hand through his hair. It was a truly beautiful thing.

Alec read up on some websites on Osiris as he ate, while Cronin answered questions from the others, discussing strategies, tactics and options. He never took his eyes off Alec, though, and had an unquenchable desire to be near him, to touch him. Their brief kisses in the fields at Dún Ad had been Cronin’s first kiss in a very long time, and had been perfect. And it most certainly sealed what he already knew: he wasn’t just fated to Alec. He was falling in love with him.

“What have you learned?” Cronin asked Alec. He sat beside him at the table, their chairs close together, their thighs touching.

“That from six different ‘expert’ documents, all facts—if that’s what you’d call them—vary. Which leads me to believe they’re all wrong.”

Cronin smiled. “There are the books in my study.”

“I might start on them next,” Alec said. “Did you get the phones? And the cash?” Alec cringed a little. “I hate asking for money like that.”

Cronin chuckled and nudged his knee to Alec’s. “Please, think nothing of it. I have more than enough and”—he smiled as he spoke—“what’s mine is yours.”

Alec smiled as well and it seemed only then did he realize how close their faces were. His pupils dilated, his breathing hitched a little, and his heart rate soared. He leaned in closer, and his tongue swept along his bottom lip. Cronin knew Alec was going to kiss him again, and he wanted it like nothing else on the planet.

Jodis cleared her throat, making the two of them pull back. “Uh, Cronin, my dear,” she said sweetly. “We talked about trying to tamp down the sexual tension, yes?”

Eiji shook his head and groaned. “You’re killing us over here.”

Alec blanched. “They can feel that?”

“You give off certain pheromones,” Cronin answered softly. “Apparently.”

Cronin thought Alec might recoil from embarrassment, but instead he laughed. He looked around the room at all the vampires watching him. “You’re welcome.”

Eiji and Eleanor laughed, and Jodis smiled and shook her head. Bes and his family smiled also, but Johan wasn’t too impressed.

Cronin knew that Johan wasn’t strictly pleased that he’d finally found Alec.


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