Poppy Z. Brite by Drawing Blood

Poppy Z. Brite by Drawing Blood

Author:Drawing Blood [Blood, Drawing]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2012-06-08T05:17:54+00:00

Chapter Thirteen

Trevor was in a small square room with a high ceiling lost in the shadows of dawn, a room whose walls were painted shabby gray to match the city beyond. He heard rain hitting the loose panes of the window. Soon would come the sound of doors opening, boys’ footsteps in the hall, boys’ voices in the early morning stillness, and it would be time to get up, time for breakfast and school, the sameness of another day.

He often dreamed that he was back at the Boys’ Home, that he had been handed all those years like penance to do over and over again until he got them right . . . whatever right would be.

Trevor opened his eyes and found himself staring at the back of a neck in extreme closeup. The dark hair at the nape had been recently shaved and stood up in baby-fine bristles. The skin was translucent white, almost poreless. The neck curved down to a bony shoulder; Trevor saw his own hand resting on that shoulder, encircling the sharp knob of the bone. The rest of the body was nestled cozily into the curve of his own.

He was amazed that the sensation of another person in bed with him-the slow rise and fall of breathing, the vibration of the curious heart-hadn’t kept him awake all night. He was used to sleeping in unfamiliar beds, but always alone. What happened when you woke up in bed with someone? What were you supposed to do?

The shoulder moved beneath his hand, and Trevor felt muscles shifting liquidly, bones rotating in their sockets, the smooth texture of skin under his palm. He felt the spine arch and ripple against his chest. He realized he had never thought about how much anatomy you could learn by touching someone.

Then Zach rolled over and looked at him with those almond-shaped dark green eyes, those eyes that were the exact shade of a colored pencil Trevor had once worn down to a nub. It was a pencil he used for coloring deep waters and strange shadows, and it had been labeled simply JADE.

Zach looked at him and smiled without saying anything. Even yesterday, even before the rain it had seemed that Zach was seeing too much of him, was perhaps halfhearing his thoughts. I don’t mind being in bed with you, Trevor thought, not really wanting Zach to hear it but perversely hoping he would. / don’t mind being this close to you. I don’t seem to mind it at all.

Like a dark pulsar from the depths of his subconscious, on the heels of that thought came: Yes, you could learn anatomy by touching someone. But Bobby took that method to its worst extreme, didn’t he?

And that was when he noticed the tiny bits of paper scattered across the blanket, over the pillow, through the tangle of Zach’s dark hair.

He reached out and took one. Zach turned his head to look, and his cheek barely grazed the back of Trevor’s hand. Trevor held the scrap of paper close to his eyes, trying to see it in the poor light.


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