The Cold Commands by Richard Morgan

The Cold Commands by Richard Morgan

Author:Richard Morgan [Morgan, Richard]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2011-10-18T23:47:07+00:00

Abruptly, he was back in the mist-tangled marshes of Ennishmin, crouched among hardened artifact scavengers, watching the faint flicker of blue in the distance.

Swamp wraith, murmured one of the men, and the others made gestures at the various charms they wore. We don’t go this way.

And later, at the tavern with Ringil, he saw the way a decrepit old man melted before his eyes, leaking that same blue radiance as he went down. Saw what rose instead to replace the illusion of humanity …

Ringil always argued they couldn’t come here, to Yhelteth. Wouldn’t come here, where the sun was a withering white blast across the sky …


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