Little Dip (Garoul Book 5) by Gill McKnight

Little Dip (Garoul Book 5) by Gill McKnight

Author:Gill McKnight [McKnight, Gill]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Dirt Road Books, Inc.
Published: 2017-12-01T23:00:00+00:00

The corner was cramped. She was cramped. She’d squashed her huge furry body into the farthest recesses of the balcony almost two hours ago and now her legs felt numb. For most of that time, Connie had washed the dinner dishes, then, sitting with her back to the balcony windows, began to work on her sketches. Marie had watched her, knowing Connie had transported to a different world, the place creative people go where time means nothing and reality gives way to the fantastical.

She watched the hunch of her shoulders and the curve of her spine. Connie had been sitting for hours unmoving. Surely, she must feel as cramped as me? Marie twitched her ears, picking up the scratch of pen on paper and the soft, regular breathing of the artist lost in her own world.

She shifted slightly, scratching idly at an itch on her shoulder. Another scour of the balcony yielded nothing new. Mr. Yong’s workmen had used some cheap chemical bonding agent that masked any older scents. All she could smell was Connie’s dope—as if that could ever be a secret. Marie snorted rudely, and quietly, at the thought.

She was perched in the darkest corner she could find, her inky fur blending with the shadows. This spot gave her a full view of the living room and Connie working at her table.

It was a small apartment, the floor space a battleground of second-hand furniture and potted plants. It was also a well-loved place, put together with an aesthetic grace Marie strived for but could never understand or attain. Her homes were always spic-and-span, well-ordered but austere. Spartan, she supposed would be the correct word. Despite their tempestuous interactions, she’d enjoyed her visit to Connie’s apartment, and had been relaxed in a way she seldom was in strange new places. She liked being around Connie, and anything Connie-related. She’d be a fool to deny it.

And just how much of that was Sylvie’s meddling? She knew her mother had a special interest in Connie, and that Marie was somehow involved in her schemes. She, too, had been meddled with. For instance, the jasmine smell. The one suffusing this balcony right now when there wasn’t a flowering jasmine plant for miles. That was from her mother’s bag of tricks. Sylvie wanted her to fall for Connie Fortune. Fall hard.

And Marie was toying with the idea.

Inside, Connie capped her pens and stretched. She moved over to the window and peered toward the night sky. Marie cursed herself. She’d been so lost in reverie, she hadn’t noticed the initial signs that Connie’s work for the evening was coming to an end. Now it was too late to withdraw from the balcony. If Connie chose to come outside for a last breath of air, or more likely a sly joint—she’d see a huge monster skulking in the corner and freak out. Luckily, Connie went to the bathroom instead.

It was time to go. Marie rose to her full height, shaking out the kinks from her massive werewolf body and ambled over to the window.


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