Undercurrent by Kaylea Cross

Undercurrent by Kaylea Cross

Author:Kaylea Cross [Cross, Kaylea]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Kill Devil Hills Series
Publisher: Kaylea Cross Inc.
Published: 2020-10-26T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter Thirteen

Bowie was still in a shitty mood when he got home just before eleven that night. Working late at the garage hadn’t helped. He couldn’t stop thinking about the cut brake lines, or what his sister had told him. Or get Aspen off his mind, thinking about the kisses they’d shared, and the flash of hurt in her eyes when he’d pulled away this afternoon.

He walked into his living room to find Chase sitting on the couch reading something on his phone. “Something wrong?” his brother asked.

“No.” Except hell yes, there was something wrong. With him.

He wasn’t like this. He was never like this. Conflicted. Wanting someone he barely knew. But something about Aspen made it impossible to keep his distance or slow down in spite of everything going on inside him.

She made him feel like… She made him feel.

That was the hell of it, but it was also sort of a revelation after how dead he’d felt inside since Theresa. Getting involved with Aspen still felt disloyal on some level, but he wasn’t interested in hookups and meaningless sex, and he’d been alone a long time. Seeing Theresa’s parents at the beach today while he was with Aspen had fucked with his head.

Chase eyed him for a second, then said, “Okay,” and went back to reading.

Bowie was reaching for the remote on the coffee table when his brother spoke again. “How’s Aspen?”


“Yeah? She’s not still shaken up about today?”

“A little. She mentioned she had legal trouble with a family member back in Cali, to do with an inheritance she received, including the beach house. She says he doesn’t know she’s here, but he could have found out easily enough.”

“Yeah. She say anything else?”

He dropped onto the opposite couch. “Not a whole lot.”

“Why, you guys too busy making out to let her talk?”

He lowered the remote to glare at his brother. “Stop it.”

“What?” Chase’s grin was unrepentant. “You left work in the middle of the day. Voluntarily. To hang out with her and make sure she was okay. Then you took her on a picnic. And you’re trying to tell me you’re not into her?”

His face started to heat up. This whole conversation was uncomfortable and weird. He’d been a parent of sorts to Chase and Harper in addition to their big brother, giving them advice on everything from finances to their love lives once they hit their teens. Having the script flipped now and feeling like he needed to explain himself to Chase was all kinds of awkward.

“So why are you in a mood?” Chase went on. “Things didn’t go well?”

“They went fine,” he muttered, wishing his brother would let it go.


He sighed, shot Chase a pointed look. “Until I saw Dave and Pam on the beach with their granddaughter. Okay?”

Chase’s expression turned serious. “Did they say something to you?”

“No.” They never did anymore. He wasn’t even sure if they’d seen him, but after that he hadn’t wanted to hang around, and felt guilty for them possibly seeing him with Aspen.


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