The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory

Author:Jasmine Guillory [GUILLORY, JASMINE]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
ISBN: 9781472255884
Publisher: Headline Eternal
Published: 2017-01-14T22:00:00+00:00

Alexa drove herself home from the Oakland airport, still in the combined mood of euphoria and confusion that she’d been in since getting out of Drew’s car at LAX. He’d kept making little references to the future all weekend, from saying that they’d go to the doughnut shop “next time,” to asking about Theo “for future reference.” The whole time, she had been too afraid of destroying the mood to ask him what he meant by all that.

But then when they were almost at LAX, damn it, he’d gone and said that he’d come up to Berkeley next weekend. What was she supposed to have done then? Quiz him on his intentions in the drop-off line at LAX? It’s not like she thought this relationship was going anywhere significant. Drew had made it very clear in the elevator that he wasn’t that kind of guy.

So instead, she’d just said okay. She wasn’t overthinking this, remember?

But she couldn’t sleep that night. Her mind cycled around thoughts of Drew, her boss, her memo and what was probably wrong with it, the weekend and how much fun she’d had, Drew, work the next day, his text asking her to text him when she was home and his increasingly dirty texts after that, the new policy director she was going to have to hire, Drew, the way he’d looked at her when they were in bed. Finally she got up and made a cup of chamomile tea and washed it down with half a Tylenol PM, which gave her about four hours of too-deep sleep.

She woke up groggy but in a much better mood than the night before. She was on her way to the job that she loved, she’d spent all weekend having sex with a hot doctor, and if she was a betting woman, she would bet that Theo would bring doughnuts in that morning.

Sure enough, she ran into him on her way into the building, a pink box in his hand.

“My hero!” she said as she handed him the coffee she’d bought him.

“How did you know I was going to bring doughnuts?” He eyed his coffee and the grin on her face.

“I had a hunch.” She popped open the box and took out hers. “Just what I needed.”

He tested his coffee for temperature, not taking a sip yet.

“We all know you got lucky this weekend. Do you need to flaunt it?”

She just grinned and took a big bite of her doughnut as he followed her into her office.

“Before I forget, did you hear anything? Normally, I wouldn’t have even had to ask, but with you gone this weekend . . .” His voice trailed away as she shook her head. He sat down in one of the chairs in front of her desk.

“Okay, we’ll talk about that in a minute. First: the weekend went well, I’m guessing?” He sipped his coffee and reached for his own doughnut.

“It did, thank you.” She pushed all of her anxieties from the night before away and grinned at him.


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