In Death 09 - Loyalty In Death by J.d. Robb

In Death 09 - Loyalty In Death by J.d. Robb

Author:J.d. Robb [Robb, J.d.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: ePub Bud (www.epubbud.com)
Published: 2011-11-24T00:00:00+00:00

her, but he stayed where he was and let her go. Later, he told himself, he'd

deal with her. And she would have to deal with him. Eve strode into Central.

The glowing mood with which she'd started the day was now tarnished. She

thought it just as well. She'd work better, sharper, if she was edgy. Spotting

Peabody, she jerked her chin, then pointed a finger toward her office. She

could see the signs of an unhappy, sleepless night on her aide's face. She'd

expected that. She held the door herself until Peabody moved through, then

closed it. "As of now, you put Zeke out of your mind. It's being handled, and you have a job to do." "Yes, sir. But --" "I'm not finished, Officer. If you can't guarantee that I'll have all your energy and all your concentration

on the Cassandra matter, I want you to withdraw from the team and request

leave. Now." Peabody opened her mouth, closed it again before something nasty could escape. When her control was back, she nodded briefly. "You'll have the best I can give you, Lieutenant. I'll do my job." "So noted. Lamont should have been picked up last night. Arrange for him to be brought up to interview.

When the scanners received from Securities arrive, I want to know about it." Keep her busy, Eve thought. Keep her swimming in grunt work. "Contact Feeney and see if the tap warrant came through on Monica Rowan. Did you sleep with

McNab?" "Yes, sir. What?" "Shit." Eve shoved her hands in her pockets, paced to the window, back. "Shit." She stopped, and they stared at each other.

"Peabody, have you lost your mind?" "It was a momentary lapse. It won't be repeated." She intended to tell McNab so at the first opportunity. "You're not... stuck on him or anything?" "It was a lapse," Peabody insisted. "A momentary lapse brought on by unexpected physical stimuli. I don't want to

talk about it. Sir." "Good. I don't even want to think about it. Get me Lamont." "Right away." Delighted to escape, Peabody fled. Eve turned to her

'link and began to run the incoming messages. When Lamont's name popped, she

swore, punched the machine. "Why the hell wasn't this transmission forwarded when it came in?" Due to a temporary lapse in the system, all transmissions received between one hundred and six hundred and fifty hours were placed on

hold. "Lapses." She smacked the machine again, for the hell of it. "We're just full of lapses these days. Transmit full report on Lamont, hard

copy." Working.... While her unit hiccupped through the printout, Eve

signaled Peabody on her communicator. "Don't bother to dig up Lamont. He's in the morgue." "Yes, sir. The mail just came in. There's another pouch." Eve's nerves hummed. "I'll meet you in the conference room. Tag the rest of the

team. Let's move." The pouch was tested, cleared. The disc was copied,

secured. Eve took a seat at the computer, slid the disc into the slot. "Run and print," she ordered. We are Cassandra. We are loyal. We are the gods of justice.


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