Girl In A Million by Betty Neels

Girl In A Million by Betty Neels

Author:Betty Neels [NEELS, BETTY]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Romance, Fiction
Published: 2011-03-11T00:00:00+00:00


parting from little Marc wasn’t easy, Caroline had grown fond of him over the weeks and he of her. Although they had been careful to tell him that she would be leaving him, when the actual moment of parting came he burst into tears and became so upset that nothing else would do but to promise him that she would come and see him again soon—a promise made by his father and which, on their way to Schiphol, he reiterated to Caroline.

“You would not mind?” he asked, ‘if we were to send you your ticket to fly over and spend a few days with us? There was no chance to ask you, but you could see for yourself that Marc was upset and that was all that I could think of. “

“Of course I’ll come, but please give me plenty of warning, for I would have to ask for leave—just for a few days…”

In those few days, she thought, she might see Mr. van Houben or at least hear of him. The future, which had looked bleakly empty, held a tiny glimmer of light now.

Bartus van Houben went as far as he could at the airport, leaving her finally with an armful of magazines and an envelope tucked into her handbag. She opened it once they were airborne and found a cheque inside a generous one accompanied by a charming letter of thanks. She hadn’t expected that; they had been more than kind to her while she had been with them and her duties had been light, even if the hours were sometimes long and irregular. She spent the short flight planning how she would spend the money, much hindered by thoughts of Mr. van Houben.

The hospital, after the extremely comfortable surroundings in which she had been living, looked awful;

Caroline wanted to turn and run as she got out of the taxi and looked up at its gloomy pile, but once she was inside and in the nurses’ home, being greeted by such of her friends as were off duty, it didn’t seem so bad after all. Then she reminded herself sensibly that she had been lucky enough to enjoy several weeks of gracious living and she must be thankful for that, never mind that her heart was breaking because she would never see Mr. van Houben again well, she would see him, of course, but it wouldn’t be the same;

he would forget her soon enough. Indeed, she wondered if she had made sufficient impression upon him for him to have anything to forget.

Mindful of Home Sister’s injunction that she was to report to the office as soon as she got in, she made her way downstairs to the main block where the SNO had her office, flanked by her two deputies and a formidable secretary. It was after six o’clock by now and all the ladies looked as though they needed a rest from their various tasks but the Senior Nursing Officer received her kindly enough, observed that


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