Bought For The Highest Price: Steamy Menage Romance by Julie Piper

Bought For The Highest Price: Steamy Menage Romance by Julie Piper

Author:Julie Piper [Piper, Julie]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2019-10-29T18:30:00+00:00



Alexa twitches the curtain back, tilting her head to peer out at the dark blue sedan parked across the street.

“So, they’re just, like, gonna sit there…all the time?” she asks, letting the curtain fall and turning back to face us. Rhys and I are sitting on a large, low, white linen couch, our feet up on the coffee table. It’s been years since we slouched on a couch together, but the moment we sat down it felt just like old times.

Rhys nods, making a face. “It’s the least desirable job in the FBI,” he says.

Alexa comes to join us, settling on the easy chair across from us. With the big toe of one bare foot, she draws shapes on the pale wood floor. “And what’s the second least desirable job?” she asks wryly. “Being inside the house?”

Rhys chuckles. “Generally, yes. But I think I got a pretty good deal. Neither of you is a dramatic ex-wife, suicidal artist, or cracked-out recovering junky.” He pauses and glances from me to Alexa. “Are you?”

Alexa chuckles. “I wish. All of those things sound much more exciting than me.”

“Exciting has its drawbacks,” Rhys replies.

I snort. “Fact,” I say. “Though your life hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing either,” I tell Alexa.

She makes a face, looking away from us to pick at a loose thread in the chair’s white cover. “I guess you could say that,” she agrees. “But it’s not as glamorous as all that.”

“Trust me, being a recovering junkie is not glamorous,” Rhys replies with a smile. “Way too much vomiting to be glamorous.”

Alexa laughs, throwing her head back so that her fiery hair sparks gold in the early morning light.

“We’re going have to do something about your hair,” says Rhys seemingly out of nowhere. I smile, knowing he and I were just admiring the same thing.

Alexa blinks, “What do you mean?”

“If you two want to leave the house at all, we need to change your appearance.”

“But we’re all the way in New York!” Alexa points out, gesturing around us at the large, airy suburban house we’ve been hidden away in. “Or are the Hamptons not actually part of New York? Either way, we’re a long way from Pittsburgh. Who’s going to recognize us here?”

I shake my head. “Rhys has a point. Lorenzo might be based in Pittsburgh, but I’m sure he has guys out on the east coast too.”

Rhys nods, smiling at me. Despite the smile, this close to him, I can see the toll this whole fiasco has taken on him. Under his eyes, smears of purple have blossomed, and his normally tanned skin has faded. On his sharp jaw are the bristly beginnings of a reddish beard. He looks almost as spent as I did in the mirror the other day. Was that just the other day? It feels like a lifetime ago.

“Exactly,” he says. “And your hair is very distinctive, Alexa. Not many people out there with your complexion. What do you think? Do you want to go blonde or brunette?”

Alexa’s pretty mouth droops.


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