Beloved (The Salvation Series Book 1) by Corinne Michaels

Beloved (The Salvation Series Book 1) by Corinne Michaels

Author:Corinne Michaels [Michaels, Corinne]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Beloved (The Belonging Duet)
Publisher: BAAE Publishing
Published: 2014-05-26T18:30:00+00:00

“Mmmm.” I moan as I feel strong hands knead my breasts. I arch back and my eyes snap open as I process that someone is in bed behind me. Someone with his hands on my breasts.

His deep, raspy voice breaks through my fog as he croons in my ear, “Catherine …” Jackson pulls me against him as his hands roam my naked body. I guess this is a benefit to sleeping nude. He stayed. He didn’t run when I spooked. He held me all night and gave me comfort.

I’ve never wanted him more than I do right now. He begins kissing my neck and moves to my ear. “Jackson, now. Please.” I reach behind me and start stroking his cock.

“Soon enough, baby. I’m not sure you’re ready for me yet.” Jackson’s voice is hoarse as he makes his way down, spreading my sex and inserting two fingers. Slowly he pulls out and uses his thumb against my clit, drawing a long moan from me. I’m desperate for him. The need crushes me, making it difficult to breathe. Jackson continues to bring me higher and higher.

He flips me onto my back and gazes at me with an intensity so fierce my heart skips a beat. He rolls on a condom and I take a deep breath.

“You have no idea what you do to me, how you make me feel,” Jackson says as his jaw ticks, trying to control some unnamed emotion. “I’m going to take you now. Make you mine.”

My eyes widen and my mouth drops open as he slowly enters me. Bliss—complete and total bliss. I can die a happy woman from this moment on. Nothing has ever felt this good. Every inch of my body is alive as Jackson claims me. I will never recover from him no matter how hard I try. “Oh my God,” I say in a breathy moan.

“Not God, baby, but pretty damn close. Now open those sexy brown eyes and watch me.” His rough voice is strained as he sinks deeper.

“Jackson.” I sigh and try to keep my eyes open, but the pleasure coursing through my body is driving me insane. “More. Please,” I beg, desperate for all of him.

“Just feel me. I want you to feel this moment every time you close your eyes.” He pushes deeper, eliciting a strangled sob from my mouth. “Feel how deep I am inside your pussy. Feel how fucking hard you make me.” He rears back and slams into me. “Feel it, baby.” There’s no way I couldn’t feel it if I tried. He’s everywhere—every sense, every breath, and every heartbeat right now. He owns me.

Jackson reaches between us and applies pressure to my clit, making me cry out and claw at his back. I grate my nails down and he pounds into me harder and faster. We’re both becoming frantic, desperate. Meeting him thrust for thrust, my eyes are locked on his as I cry out and shatter into a thousand pieces. I ride out my orgasm, unintelligibly yelling as Jackson follows with his head buried in my neck.


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