The Sexy Stranger: A Billionaire Holiday Romance (International Bad Boys Set Book 1) by JA Low

The Sexy Stranger: A Billionaire Holiday Romance (International Bad Boys Set Book 1) by JA Low

Author:JA Low [Low, JA]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: JALowBooks
Published: 2020-06-11T23:00:00+00:00



Lilly is beyond excited, especially because she can stay in her pajamas and not have to dodge the crowds. It’s beginning to sleet as well. They must be freezing down on the streets, and here we are drinking wine and eating delicious food which has been laid out thanks to the in-house chef. This is the perfect New Year’s Eve—no responsibilities, no pomp, no paparazzi, just me and a crazy English girl who’s squealing at everything she sees out the window. How can you not get caught up in the excitement of this night?

“Everything is so awesome.” Lilly comes away from the window long enough to grab a few pieces of cheese and a cracker.

“It certainly is. I had no idea there’d be so many people.” There has to be hundreds of thousands of people on the street in the freezing weather.

“I’ve always wanted to do this, but it’s always seemed way too expensive. This must have cost you a small fortune. I mean… this view is unbelievable.”

“I do okay,” is all I tell her as she sits on my lap.

“Well, thank you. I appreciate it.” She kisses my cheek.

Has a woman ever thanked me for a gift before?

The genuine thanks that’s written all over Lilly’s face, have I ever seen that before?

It’s always expected that I’ll shower the women I’m with in expensive things. I’ve never noticed until now. A phone rings, and Lilly rushes over to it.

“Lolly,” she squeals. “You’re never going to guess where I am?” I can hear it in her tone, just how happy she is to hear from her sister. “Luke whisked me away to Edinburgh for New Year’s Eve.” I wonder if Lauren’s okay that I have done this. “I know. It’s so awesome. Our apartment looks over the castle, and I can see everyone in the streets. It’s freezing, and I’m wearing my PJs. Best New Year’s Eve ever,” she calls.

“Okay, Lolly. Love you, bye.”

“She’s having fun?”

“The very best. They are about to go out on safari.”

“You miss it?”

“A little. The break has been good, helped sort through things. I know I’m not going to give up being a doctor. Just not sure where to begin my new life.”

“I know some people in the charity world…” silence falls between us, “… I could put in some calls to some people I know in Italy.”


“Yes, but I’m sure they have charities in other places around the world. It doesn’t have to be Italy.”

Why does her not being happy about a chance to work in Italy irk me this much?

“You would do that for me?”

“We’re friends, of course,” I answer with a shrug. I mean, in my world it’s all about who you know. Plus, I’m owed many favors. “You don’t have to decide now. I can find out where they need help and let you know.”

“Thank you. Thank you so much, Luke.” Tears begin to well in her eyes, and I wipe them away.

“Hey, no tears. Not on New Year’s Eve.”

“I feel like meeting you was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me.


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