The Pregnancy Shock by Lynne Graham

The Pregnancy Shock by Lynne Graham

Author:Lynne Graham [Lynne Graham ]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
ISBN: 9781408919156
Publisher: Harlequin Mills and Boon Ltd.

Chapter Six

‘IF YOU only knew how long I have dreamt of doing this with you…’ Alexei groaned, settling Billie down on the bed and pausing only to shed his jacket and shoes before joining her there.

Billie was mesmerised by his intrinsic poise, for he seemed as at home in her bedroom as in his own. Indeed, lounging back against her pillows, Alexei was a beautiful fantasy that didn’t seem quite real to her. His black hair and sun-darkened olive skin were an eye-catching contrast against the pale bedding. It was a challenge for her to drag her gaze from the exotically high cheekbones, dramatic deep-set dark eyes and arrogant nose that gave such strength and character to his lean, handsome face. The sensual side of her nature had finally run away with her, she acknowledged in a rush of dismay. Did that mean that she was more like her highly sexed mother than she had ever appreciated? That fear tormented her but one kiss had mown down her defences and turned her into a pushover.

‘You don’t believe me,’ Alexei accused.

‘Does it matter?’ Billie wouldn’t look at him. Thoughts of her mother’s chequered love life had cast a sleazy shadow over her. Perhaps Lauren had also thought that she loved the first man in her life. Would Alexei simply think she was cheap and easy if she slept with him? With a past like his, she could hardly expect to stand out from the crowd.

‘With you? Yes,’ he told her bluntly in English for emphasis.

‘I don’t need empty words and promises.’ Billie made a valiant attempt to suppress her insecurity and turned towards him, green eyes darkened to emerald by her yearning and the terrible guilty sense that she was breaking every one of her rules. Yet when she met those heavily lashed golden eyes, it struck her that rules were made to be broken and that, for her, Alexei Drakos would always be an exception. He laced long brown fingers slowly into the tumbling fall of her red hair, smoothing and fanning the vibrant strands across his palm in the lamplight in a move that accentuated the different shades.

‘I never found red hair attractive until I saw yours glowing in the sunlight with all those crazy streaks of copper and gold and bronze,’ he admitted, before he jerked her head back and took a hungry driving kiss that exploded through her wound-up body like a depth charge.

The renewed taste of him was a wake-up call to her slumbering senses. That kiss was insanely stimulating. Indeed the probe of his tongue sent a spasm of fierce sexual need spearing right to the heart of her, releasing a feverish energy that pulsed through her receptive flesh in a sensual wave. Alexei pulled back from her to remove her T-shirt, an action that left her blinking in surprise like an owl suddenly thrust into bright light.

‘You’re always wearing too many clothes, moraki mou. I can’t wait to get them off,’ he confided thickly,


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