A Happily Ever After of Her Own by Nadia Lee

A Happily Ever After of Her Own by Nadia Lee

Author:Nadia Lee
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: Romance
Publisher: Four Isles Press
Published: 2009-10-05T07:00:00+00:00

V. In Which Our Hero and Heroine Are Caught Red-Handed

Melinda moved quickly out of the way, fleeing to an empty corner near the door. It provided cover on two sides and was comfortingly free of mannequins. She had no idea what to do, but staying away from any more potentially life-sized threats seemed prudent.

The men were busy grunting with exertion, and there was a lot of clanging going on. She knew better than to try to break up the fight. Her experience was generally limited to a couple of small hot-tempered children, not two full-grown, testosterone-fueled males swinging lethal weapons. She wished she had something herself -- a short knife, or at least a shield -- but there was the possibility of another bloodthirsty mannequin coming to life if she took one.

Edward moved with sureness and grace, but the executioner was no stranger to hand-to-hand combat. He handled his weapon as if it weighed nothing. The sword in Edward's hand looked too frail to withstand the abuse from the ax, but so far he seemed to be doing a good job of staying--

Melinda gasped and flinched as Edward slipped and the executioner's blade almost connected with his neck. Nobody in the Fairy Court had mentioned anything about the possibility of getting killed by an Evil Witch minion. It had never even crossed Melinda's mind that they could lose their lives. Fairy tales didn't have dead main characters, did they? They were supposed to end well, with their heroes and heroines triumphing over evil...

If Edward got hurt...or...

No, Melinda told herself. She refused to think about any bad possibility. He was a fairy tale prince. Surely he could defend himself against a common executioner.

The mannequin nicked Edward with the tip of his ax. A red line sprang up on the muscular arm, but Edward didn't seem to notice. He feinted to the left of the executioner, then used a powerful kick to break the mannequin's knee.

The executioner fell groaning to the floor, his ax landing beside him. "Not fair," he whined. "Fight like a bloody man!"

Melinda crept out of her hiding place and ran to Edward. "Are you all right?" she said, touching the gash. The blood had started to congeal, and it felt sticky against her fingertips.

"Of course." He deigned to glance at the wound. "A mere scratch."

The executioner was rolling around clutching his knee. "Ah it 'urts, it 'urts! I've been tricked, I tell you, tricked! 'Twas a low blow!"

Edward stepped up and placed the tip of his sword at the mannequin's throat. "Why are you working for the Evil Witch?"

"Wot? 'Ow dare you! I don't work for any Evil Witch, you foppish cheater. I only work for 'is Majesty!"

"Where is your mistress?"

"I 'ave no mistress. My wife would open my skull for me, she would."

Melinda turned to the executioner. She actually felt bad for the pitiful thing. "I'm sorry we broke your leg. But maybe you can still do your job with just one knee?"

"You're a wicked wench! Taunting a man when 'e's down.


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