Being Hers by Anna Stone

Being Hers by Anna Stone

Author:Anna Stone [Stone, Anna]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Romance, college
Published: 2018-06-02T23:00:00+00:00

Mel made it to campus with a few minutes to spare. It wasn’t until the end of her last class that she remembered to check her email. As she and Jess walked out of the building, Mel took her phone out of her bag and scrolled through her emails. They were mostly junk. Nothing from Vanessa. But she had an email from the Financial Aid Office that had been sent this morning. Had she missed a student loan payment? As she read on, she stopped in her tracks.

“Mel? Is everything okay?” Jess asked.


“What is it?”

“My student loans. Someone paid them off. Completely.”

“Wow.” Jess gaped at her. “Do you think it was Vanessa?”

Mel nodded. It could only be her.

“That’s amazing, Mel! Right?”

Mel nodded again. But familiar feelings were brewing inside of her. This was too much. There was no way she could accept this.

“Is it a birthday present? I’m surprised you told her about your birthday.”

“I didn’t. She figured it out herself. And she has this big evening all planned out, but she won’t tell me anything about it.” Now that Mel thought about it, Vanessa didn’t even tell her where they would meet.

“Sounds like she likes to keep you on your toes…” Jess trailed off, her eyes staring out into the distance.

Mel followed Jess’s gaze across the lawn. Vanessa had come to pick her up again. And this time, she was holding an enormous bouquet of yellow and white daffodils. Mel had made an offhand comment about how much she loved daffodils once before. She never expected that Vanessa would remember it.

Mel turned to Jess.

“No. You’re not running off this time,” Jess said. “I want to meet her.”

Mel groaned. She was not prepared for Vanessa and Jess to meet. But Jess didn’t care. With a confidence that rivaled Vanessa’s, she made a beeline for the parking lot. Mel only just caught up with her before she got to Vanessa.

“Happy birthday Melanie.” Balancing the bouquet in one hand, Vanessa pulled Mel into a long, deep kiss.

Jess coughed quietly to the side. Mel broke off, suddenly conscious of all the students walking past the car park.

Vanessa gave Jess a warm smile. “You must be Jess. Melanie has told me all about you.”

“Oh, really? Good things I hope?” Jess said.

“Yes, she said you’re going to be a formidable lawyer one day.”

Mel watched Jess’s face turn pink. Apparently, Mel wasn’t the only one who Vanessa’s charms worked on.

Vanessa turned to Mel and handed her the flowers. “These are for you.”

“Thanks. They’re beautiful.” Mel held them up to her nose and breathed deeply. They smelled as wonderful as they looked.

“So, what do you have planned for Mel’s birthday?” Jess asked Vanessa.

“Quite a bit. I’m going to spoil her more than anyone ever has spoiled her before.” Vanessa said.

“Well, try to keep her out of trouble,” Jess joked.

“I can’t make any promises.” Vanessa shot Mel a suggestive glance.

Jess smirked, a knowing look on her face.

“Don’t you have a bus to catch, Jess?” Mel said. “You know, at the other side of campus?”

“Okay, I get the hint.


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