A Stormy Greek Marriage by Lynne Graham

A Stormy Greek Marriage by Lynne Graham

Author:Lynne Graham [Lynne Graham ]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
ISBN: 9781408919231
Publisher: Harlequin Mills and Boon Ltd.

Chapter Six

LATER, before dinner that evening, Alexei called Billie on the house phone, told her that two of the business team were off sick and asked her if she would mind helping out for a while.

Billie was quick to agree and stayed only long enough in the bedroom to dress in casual clothes. In the ground-floor office suite, she stepped into the working role she had given up as if she had never been away and although the other staff were now somewhat overawed by her new position as Alexei’s wife she very much enjoyed being kept busy.

‘I miss working,’ she told Alexei when she joined him later for dinner, having finally donned her slinky evening trousers and blue top.

Supremely handsome in his dark suit, Alexei surveyed her slight figure and the bright hair flaming round her pale heart-shaped face and his wide sensual mouth compressed. ‘But you’re a mother now.’

‘Surely I could still work part-time with you?’ Billie prompted, longing for the closeness of that working relationship to be restored.

‘Not when I’m travelling,’ Alexei pointed out drily.

And Billie had overlooked that necessity when she’d come up with her proposition. While she was ready to allow her son to be cared for several hours a day, she was not prepared to leave him for several days at a time or to disrupt his routine by taking him travelling round the world with her.

‘But your talent for efficient organisation and working well under pressure is much missed,’ Alexei conceded wryly.

‘I think I could still work several hours a day from the villa without Nicky suffering any deprivation,’ Billie responded with quiet determination.

His brilliant dark eyes lingered on the obstinate set of her small face and his lush lashes screened his gaze. ‘I’ll think it over.’

‘When you talk to me like that—as if I haven’t a brain or self-will of my own and I’m a possession—I want to slap you hard!’ Billie confided in a rush, pushing her chair noisily back from the table and leaping upright in a temper.

Refusing to rise to the bait, Alexei surveyed her steadily with his stunning dark golden eyes. ‘With reference to most of the decisions you have made over the past year and more, I cannot be impressed.’

Billie gritted her teeth and shot him a look of frustration. ‘Did you think Calisto was more impressive?’ she dared in a driven voice.

His strong jaw line clenched. ‘I have no intention of discussing Calisto with you.’

Her angry flush receding at that wounding snub, Billie muttered, ‘I’m tired. I’m going to bed.’

Coward, she scolded herself once she was lying in the lavish marital bed. Why hadn’t she mentioned that photo of him with Calisto in Paris? Asked where Calisto was staying over there? Yet without proof of anything untoward, what would be the point of questioning Alexei? He would very much resent an interrogation. And with their marriage hanging in the balance did she really want to take the risk of heightening the conflict between them? Of making


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