Teacher by Fiona Cole

Teacher by Fiona Cole

Author:Fiona Cole [Cole, Fiona]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2020-06-14T23:00:00+00:00



“Wow, you look…stunning.” Hanna knocked me stupid, in her emerald dress, making words hard to think of. Not that stunning did her justice. I’d been waiting in the lobby of her apartment, wondering if going as her date tonight crossed boundaries of our friendship.

Watching her face light up at my compliment, I didn’t really care about boundaries.

She shoved her hands into the folds of her dress. “Thank you. It has pockets.”

“Well, shit. Best dress ever then.”

“You clean up pretty nice, too.”

My face didn’t light up like hers, but I may have beamed a little when she looked me up and down.

“Stop staring at my sister,” Erik growled, walking past me.

I laughed at Hanna’s eye roll but did stop staring. Hanna was my friend, and while I may know what her pussy tasted like—how rosy her nipples got when she came—I didn’t want to leer at her.

“Oh, my god, Erik. Shut up. People are allowed to say I’m pretty. It’s polite.”

Alex snickered, following behind Erik, her hand firmly planted in his. Erik glared at me like I was the reason the women were ganging up on him. I held my hands up in surrender, acting like an innocent man I knew I wasn’t.

If Erik knew what I’d done to his sister, he’d probably beat me to a pulp. It wouldn’t matter I was doing it to help her.

“Come on, caveman,” Alex said. “Our limo is waiting.”

Hanna linked her arm through mine, and we headed to our ride. I’d offered to meet them there, or even pick Hanna up myself, but she said they always rode together as tradition and begged me not to leave her alone with the sappy couples.

Sitting in the back, watching the way Erik couldn’t keep his hands off Alex, I couldn’t blame her. Before heading to the event, we picked up Ian and Carina. Ian didn’t even bother to be subtle about touching Carina and letting everyone know how hot he thought she looked.

I looked to Hanna to see how she was handling all the PDAs, but she wasn’t even paying attention. She stared out the window, focused on something beyond the sidewalks and city flashing by. Her hands fidgeted, clasped too tightly in her lap, and nerves radiated off her in waves. Every other pass, her thumb would slip under the collection of bracelets and rub at her scars. Not even thinking about it, I rested my palm on hers. Wide green eyes, the same color as her dress, snapped to mine. Her hand relaxed and turned over, linking our fingers.

“Thank you,” she mouthed.

I winked and held on tight. Everyone was too busy with their own significant other that no one noticed the connection. At least, almost no one. Carina’s curious stare took in our hands before rising to meet my eyes, and I quickly looked away, not lingering on her reaction. Holding Hanna’s hand was nothing. Just a friend offering support.

We waited our turn in the line of limos dropping off people ready to spend their money for a good cause.


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