Starting From Scratch by Georgia Beers

Starting From Scratch by Georgia Beers

Author:Georgia Beers [Beers, Georgia]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
Tags: Fiction, Lesbian, Erotica, Romance
ISBN: 9780979925467
Google: urFXPgAACAAJ
Amazon: B003Z0D2Q6
Publisher: Brisk Press
Published: 2010-02-09T00:00:00+00:00


I saw them arrive with Max, but I would have known

immediately who they were, even if they’d come without


Elena didn’t look much like her father at all. He was a

big bulldozer of a man with broad shoulders and very little

left of what might have once been sandy blond hair. I

could see flashes of her in his smile, though, and her eyes

were the same rich brown as his. Her mother, however, was

a different story. I could almost hear Grandma’s voice in

my head, “She looks like she fell off her mother’s face.”

Elena was a carbon copy of the woman, who was strikingly

beautiful even in what must have been her late sixties. e

shape of her face, the way her eyes were set at a slight tilt,

her tall, lean frame; it was all Elena. I felt like I was getting

a quick flash of the future any time I looked in her

direction. Elena, thirty years from now.

ey paid infinitely more attention to Max’s playing

than Cindy ever had in all the times I’d seen her there.

ey smiled and cheered and every time Max looked in

their direction, Mrs. Walker gave a sweet wave of

encouragement. Mr. Walker shot his grandson a thumbs-

up more than once.

I tried not to stare into the bleachers at them, but it

was hard. Maddie had things under control as far as the

Georgia Beers

team went and I was trying to make myself as unobtrusive

as possible, only helping when she asked me specifically,

not wanting to step on her toes. I coached third base and

then first as the game went on, pleased to see that most of

our kids finally understood in which direction to run after

they hit the ball. Each time Max was up, he glanced into

the modest crowd and my eyes would follow his, my

stomach flip-flopping at the jolt of familiarity when his

grandmother smiled at him.

Max made contact with the ball every time he was at

bat, which I didn’t think was a coincidence.

“See my nana and papa up there?” he asked me

brightly as he stopped on first base during the last inning.

“ey’re watching me play.”

He was so adorable as he stated the obvious to me, I

wanted to hug him tightly. I settled for ruffling his hair

before I stepped back for the next batter and ordered Max

to pay attention. When I glanced over at the Walkers, my

heart did a weird little skip as I noticed Elena scootching

in to settle between her parents. She caught me looking

and gave me a little wave, and I couldn’t keep the stupid

grin off my face as my cheeks warmed.

Across the field at third base, Maddie arched a brow at

me, her expression very clearly telling me she had

witnessed that little exchange and was expecting details.

I tried to put my focus back on the game, but my

mind drifted a bit. I’ve always loved the smell of freshly cut

grass and I inhaled, taking the scent deeply into my lungs.

It was the epitome of summer to me; it’s what my

childhood outdoors smelled like. Inside it was chocolate

chip cookies; outside it was freshly cut grass. I


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