Perfect Rhythm by Jae

Perfect Rhythm by Jae

Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Ylva-Publishing
Published: 2017-07-20T04:00:00+00:00

They strolled along the path in silence. Leo shifted the handle of the picnic basket to the bend of her other arm, freeing the one closest to Holly, and took her hand.

The move startled Holly, and she couldn’t hide a tiny flinch.

Leo immediately let go. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to—”

“No. No. It’s okay. Really. It just surprised me for a moment.” Holly reached for her hand and held it firmly, not letting her pull away again, even as she scolded herself for it. Conflicting desires wrestled each other for several seconds; then she bargained with herself: she would allow herself to enjoy these last few moments with Leo. But once they reached their spot at the creek…

“Are you sure?” Leo asked.

“I like holding hands.” She entwined their fingers. The rasp of the calluses on Leo’s fingertips against her knuckles tickled a little, making her smile. “I’m just not used to it. I’ve never held anyone’s hand, at least not here in Fair Oaks. Ash didn’t want to draw attention.”

Leo let out a low growl. “You know, the longer I’m back, the more I start to wonder what I ever saw in her.”

The protective fire in Leo’s eyes made her feel good. “She has her good sides too. She’s intelligent and independent and has a great sense of humor.”

“True. But the same could be said about you…and so much more.” Leo squeezed her fingers. “So, what else do you like, besides holding hands, I mean?”

Holly peeked over and met Leo’s gaze. “I like hugs.” She hummed a little at the thought of embracing Leo, burying her face against her shoulder, and breathing in her scent. Another voice in her head screamed at her, Stop talking like this! You wanted to break things off, remember, not give her pointers! But Leo’s hand felt good in hers, so she allowed herself a moment of fantasizing. “I also like backrubs and cuddling and soft caresses.”

Golden sparks seemed to light up Leo’s irises. “Hmm, I like that too. What about kissing? What we did up on the roof…you liked that, right?”

“Kissing is fine.” She allowed herself to fantasize about kissing Leo for a moment or two and felt her cheeks grow hot. “Actually, it’s more than fine.” While it might have been a sexual act for some people, she enjoyed it on an entirely sensual level—at least most of the time.

Leo stopped in the middle of the path and studied her. “But?”

Holly sighed. “Sometimes, it’s hard for me to enjoy it.”


“With the right partner, I could kiss for hours, but I know it doesn’t work like that for allosexual people.”


Holly looked left and right, making sure they were still alone in the park. “Someone like you. Someone who isn’t asexual. You’re used to kissing leading to something…well, more, and I can’t fully relax into it if I know any kind of affection will inevitably lead to sex.”

“It won’t,” Leo said.

If only it were that simple. It was tempting, so very tempting to let herself believe it, but Holly knew better.


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