Symbiotic Mates 1: Hunter and the Hawk by Gale Stanley

Symbiotic Mates 1: Hunter and the Hawk by Gale Stanley

Author:Gale Stanley [Stanley, Gale]
Language: nld
Format: epub
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00


Hunter and the Hawk

Gale Stanley

Rafe cleared his throat. "It's nothing. Just Eric's two

boys looking for adventure and women. We'll find them

and bring them back home before they get into trouble."

"If they don't get themselves killed first." Marrok

snorted. "Too many people out there aren't wolf lovers."

"I don't understand." Hunter frowned and looked at

Rafe. "Those boys aren't much older than Grace. Why

didn't you match one of them up with her?"

"Because she wants—"

"Because," Rafe interrupted Marrok, who clamped

his mouth shut immediately. "We know your seed works,


"Yeah, but it didn't work until Tena and I were

together for twenty years. We didn't have to marry so


"Are you saying you weren't happy with Tena?"

Rafe asked.

"No. I'm not saying that at all. I just don't want

Grace to feel forced into anything." Like I do.

"She doesn't." Grace walked back into the room and

put the vase of flowers on a table. "Daddy, if you and the

Alpha don't mind, I think Hunter and I need to talk—


"Know your place, daughter."

"I think Grace has the right idea." Rafe exchanged a


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