Self-Care for Empaths by Tanya Carroll Richardson

Self-Care for Empaths by Tanya Carroll Richardson

Author:Tanya Carroll Richardson
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Adams Media
Published: 2020-08-13T16:00:00+00:00

After this mindful gossip sabbatical, you will probably develop a different relationship with celebrity news, as well as family and workplace gossip, and be better able to discern when hearing or reading about others is healthy and when it is toxic, clogging up your sensitive system unnecessarily.

Release Someone with Love

When you care deeply about someone, it’s normal to hold them close to your energetic heart. But when a relationship significantly changes or ends, or it becomes painful to hold someone close, it’s healing to release them. This release happens on an energetic plane, and simply changes the level of intimacy between you and the other person. Because empaths are so sensitive to energy, lessening the energy connection between you and another can have amazing positive influences on you and even on the other person on the physical plane! Yet you don’t have to let the other person know about this exercise or communicate with them—so it’s a great option for a breakup or for creating mindful distance from someone who is still in your life.

The practice of releasing someone with love can help you do many healthy things, like:

• Process through painful emotions more easily or quickly.

• Forgive or accept the other person or find peace for yourself.

• Move on from a relationship and get closure.

• Bring new relationships into your life.

• Have a more neutral, and less triggering, experience when you interact with this person.


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