Living a Life of Awareness by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr

Living a Life of Awareness by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr

Author:Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781938289224
Publisher: Hierophant Publishing


Spend some time with yourself today, doing what you love to do. Notice how that colors the rest of your day with happiness.

A New Beginning

Imagine your most important relationships. Do you love these people because of who they really are, or do you love them because of who you think they are? The difference is enormous—it's oceans apart.

In the former, you actually have a relationship with someone close to you, one that is based on unconditional love and respect.

In the latter, you don't. You're dancing by yourself, imposing an image onto someone else, never seeing them for who they really are.

Heartbreak occurs the moment you see that the story you've told yourself about someone you say you love was just that—a story. With the truth revealed, all of a sudden the story comes crashing down.

But this truth, while painful, is also an opportunity for immense growth in the relationship, because now you are willing to see the person for who they really are.


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