Curative Magic by Rachel Patterson

Curative Magic by Rachel Patterson

Author:Rachel Patterson
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Format: epub
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The process of boosting your self-esteem can take some time. Don’t rush it.

Every tiny step, no matter how small, is still a step forward.

Remember that you are wonderful just the way you are!

If you find yourself struggling with low self-esteem, refer back to this chapter for magical suggestions that might help.


Chapter Fifteen

General Obstacles

and Blockages

P eople naturally hold on to a large amount of emotional baggage, whether in our minds, our hearts, or our physical bodies. When you hang on to things they can sit in your subconscious and fester, sometimes causing your emotions to spiral out of control. Honestly … let it all go! If you don’t, you may suffer from blockages and emotional obstacles. Release the bad stuff in order to bring in the good stuff.

In this chapter you will find magical suggestions to help you overcome obstacles and break through blockages. Work with as many of them as you like. Follow your intuition and be guided by it as to what you choose to work with.

Affirmations. Regular positive statements can change the way we think about ourselves and our situations.

Colour Magic. Colour plays an important part in how we feel and can affect our emotions; work with it to boost positive energy.

Herbs. This section will contain my suggestions of herbs to work with in magical spell workings. Pick from my ideas or use your own—be guided by your intuition.

Foods. All foods have magical properties. I have given you some suggestions that can be eaten or used in spell work. I’ve also included a recipe in each chapter.

Herbal Teas. These can be created with herbs and spices that help alleviate negative issues. Work with my suggestions or use your own.

Incense and Oils. Scents can bring up strong emotions. Work with my suggestions to create incense blends or oil blends to use in ritual or spell work. You can also create these blends just because the scent will lift your mood!

Everyday Exercise. In this section you will find easy daily or regular routines to help get your positive energy flowing and get rid of the negative vibes.

Crystals. They hold such power in tiny, easy-to-handle form. Crystals can be worked with in all sorts of ways to help with all kinds of issues.

Meditation. Read through the script or even record it on your phone. Take some time out and work with the meditation for help and guidance.

Spell. You will find spells to help with any issue. Keep it simple and straightforward. If you don’t have the items I have suggested, substitute them with whatever you feel is right. Personalise it; make the spell your own.

Ritual. The rituals included will not be too fancy or complicated. Often, the rituals connect with a deity and the elements to work some magic.

Magic Bundle. In this section you’ll find my suggestions for creating a magic bundle to help you through your situation.

Affirmations for Obstacles and Blockages

I am ready to let go.

I am willing and able to move forward.

I release the past.

My life is ahead of me.


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